‘Treat’ your Horse to one of our 4 Favorite Horse Treats!


Horse treats are a staple at the barn. Many of us use treats and cookies as a training tool, reward or as an edible way of saying “I love you.”

Evolving from sugar cubes and lumps, to the healthier option of apples and carrots, today’s horse treat selections offer a vast array of fun flavors, nutritious options, and (most importantly) ease and convenience.

Here are 4 of Mary’s best-selling horse treats and the inspiration behind the brands!


Mrs. Pastures has been a best-seller at Mary’s for many years! Natural, crunchy cookies that are the perfect size to stash in pockets and proudly made in the USA! Mrs. Pasture’s cookie recipe was developed back in 1986, when the company owner wanted to create the perfect cookie for her horse, Poncho. Mary’s Tack and Feed was the first California customer for Mrs. Pastures! Back then, only the 8oz cookie bag was available. Now, Mrs. Pastures is available in many sizes to fit any size barn!

Co-owner, Stephanie, still has green Tent Sale bucket from when she was in high school. “I’m not going to date myself, but that was forever ago!”

California Chrome and his favorite horse treats!

California Chrome and his favorite horse treats!

Ace, a newly rescued NSH of Stephanie and her husband, enjoying his custom made Mrs. Pasture’s horse cookie!

Ace, a newly rescued NSH of Stephanie and her husband, enjoying his custom made Mrs. Pasture’s horse cookie!

When you walk into Mary’s, it’s the first thing you smell (well, besides the leather)-the sweet scent of Haystack Wildberry Delight Horse Treats wafting in the air. As modest as the white, paper bags are… inside lives beautiful, sun-cured alfalfa hay pellets infused with cranberries and wildberry juice. Wildberry Delights are made in Oregon, fresh from the hay fields. Horses goes nuts for them!


Paddock Cakes treats stand apart from many horse treats. With their iconic red label and candy-topped cookies taunting you from within the jar, seeing all the flavors is the horsey equivalent of walking into Willy Wonka’s factory. Paddock Cakes’ baker, Linda, originally created her treats for her horses, Diamond and Cody. Settling for nothing but the best, Linda uses only high-quality, fresh and natural ingredients. Each batch of Paddock Cakes cookies is baked the same way she cooks for her family- with “LUV” and care.

“I added a touch of candy because my grandmother always told me, “Never go to the barn without a little sugar in your pocket.””

Paddock Cakes also offer Corral Cookies for owners wanting the tasty, wholesome goodness Paddock Cakes has to offer, but without the candy.


When Cheryl’s horse, Apache, developed some dental and health issues, she was on the lookout for a soft and healthy horse treat. With the use of her animal health pharmaceutical background, A to Z Horse Treats was born! Made with human-grade ingredients in the USA, they can proudly boast their treats are low-carb and low sugar.

The Original recipe serves function as an excellent “pill popper” to ensure even the pickiest equine receives their medication. The Blonde Bits of Health recipe is uniquely made with agave and cinnamon, which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.


Mary’ Tack and Feed offers many other quality treats for every horse and every budget! See our online selection at www.marystackandfeed.com or visit our store and drool over our selection!

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