Mary’s Tack and Feed Tent Sale 2013!

Ahhh, Tent Sale memories.  The clanking of the legendary Mary’s buckets as our cashiers sticker and prepare them to be given away to our happy customers reminds us of all the excitement to come as we prepare for our 26th annual Tent Sale.

Think of your favorite store.  Would you plan a vacation around their sale? Believe it or not, we actually have horse owners living out of state who call months in advance to confirm our Tent Sale dates (this year it is February 15-17, 2013) so they can make travel plans to join us.

tent sale, equestrian, horses, discounts“Wait.  An equestrian store selling tents?  I don’t get it!”   Well, we don’t sell tents at our Tent Sale but rather we have incredible prices on great things that we put UNDER a tent- an enormous 100 foot tent to be exact.  The entire store gets completely remerchandised for our biggest sale of the year.

Even if you shop with us all the time, you have GOT to stop by during that weekend.  You will be amazed at the transformation!  You’ll find almost  everything in the store on sale, and every year customers that have moved away or we haven’t seen for years will be shopping the great deals. Old time riding partners meet again, barn mates stop and talk,- our whole store takes the form of a large social as much as a shopping event.  And then around lunch time, we fire up the grill and serve some hotdogs, chips, and drinks to those tired shoppers and their tag-alongs that need to sit down for a bit.

tent customer crowdMany of our vendors even send a representative, some coming from overseas, just to work at our sale and meet with our customers. That is probably my favorite part – the ability for a customer to perhaps meet the maker, inventor or promoter of a specific product. From Dr. Colleen Wilson, owner/founder of Adeptus to Loralee, who invented the ISpyCamera for use in horse trailers or stalls.

Now, not ALL our ideas go well, we have to admit. One year, for example, we thought we’d combine a Tent Sale with a blood drive. (Hey, we know our customers are community minded!). Unfortunately, drawing blood and then shopping upstairs and downstairs at our sale resulted in a few people actually fainting.  Uh oh!

But overall, each year the sale really gets a bit bigger and better. This year we’re featuring our ‘ham’ of a GM on his microphone with his contests and auctions again. Friday is our busiest day, and we’ve added Wild Card Saturday to our line up. On Saturday, look for special ‘flash’ sales throughout the day to enable lucky customers to get a coupon for an extra discount on select items or departments. And, of course, our Super Sunday, with some extra department discounts added to help finish off our Tent Sale with a flourish.

This year the Mary’s Tent Sale is Friday and Saturday, February 15/16 9am – 5pm, Sunday, Feb 17 9am – 4pm.

We are closed Thursday all day to prepare for the sale.

Hope to see you there!

Tent Sale, Day 2

It was such a beautiful day here in sunny San Diego (for those of you following the sale progress from other states – the weather is clear and in the high 60’s).

In fact, it is so beautiful that I have a feeling quite a few of our customers were out riding and in the morning and will be visiting the sale later today!

The customers who did make it in early were treated to a peaceful and fun Saturday with lots of time to chat with our vendors from around the nation. We’ve had Marty here from MDC stirrup irons with the world premiere (literally!) of his new Classic Stirrup irons. We’ve also got Larry from Butet saddles, Dr. Colleen Wilson with Adeptus – I could go on and on. With about 30 vendor representatives that are product experts here at your disposal, it is a great time to just chat, with no pressure, and learn about these products.

Remember, Saturday our Tent Sale hours are 9-5pm, and Sunday the hours are 9-4.

Monday (after the Tent Sale) we have holiday hours of 10am – 5pm.

Hope to see you soon.

Dale, GM

Mary’s Tack & Feed

Mary's Tack & Feed, horses, equestrian, sales, discounts

Tent Sale, Day 1

Can you tell what this is?

sale, lines, Del Mar, Mary's Tack and Feed
It’s the beginning of the line to get into our Tent Sale…a line that started nearly 2 hours before we opened our doors!

Each day of the 3-day sale definitely has its own “personality”. Friday is fun, hectic, and crowded, not at all like the more mellow Saturday and Sunday.

Everyone receives a scratcher ticket as they enter, and if it says “winner”, the customer gets to take a trip to our special booth, spin a wheel, and win an instant prize!

Even if the card doesn’t say “winner”, everyone can still drop their name into the prize bucket for their chance to win some fantastic stuff.  This year we are giving away 3 $500 shopping sprees sponsored by Ariat and English Riding Supply, plus 1 Frantasi shopping spred that includes a GPA helmet!

With crowds of people in the store, old time barn buddies catching up, free bagels
and donuts, and lots and lots of shopping, it was definitely the Tent Sale Friday we look forward to all year.

There are still two more great shopping days left, so we hope to see you sometime this weekend at Mary’s Annual Tent Sale.

Dale, GM
Mary’s Tack & Feed

Sale hours: Friday and Saturday 9am – 5pm, Sunday 9am – 4pm.

Tent Sale Set-up Sneak Peek

Even though the store is closed today, this is one of the busiest and exciting days of the year for the staff at Mary’s: our huge Tent Sale is this weekend and today is set-up day!

It takes close to 60 people to completely remerchandise the entire store to prepare for all the excitement of this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

tent sale, equestrian, horses, discountsJust think about it- in addition to our entire store, this 100 foot tent half stocked with all kinds of great sale goodies, and half set up with 14 cashiers!  And this year, keep your eyes peeled for entries in our cutest horse contest while you wait in line, which hopefully won’t be for long with our fast and efficient cashier staff.

Inside, the store is completely transformed as pallets of merchandise are unwrapped, stocked, tagged and hung up for your shopping enjoyment. The amount of preparation really is incredible – from our IT guys hooking up all the computers and PA system, to our buyers and sales people getting all the merchandise set out for our customers.

This is just a quick post as I want to get back helping the rest of the crew, but I wanted to share some of the excitement with you in advance!

Hope to see you this weekend –
Dale (GM)
PS – remember our sale hours! Friday and Saturday 9-5, Sunday 9-4.