A Boutique Experience


Last Thursday, Mary’s Tack and Feed hosted it’s third ‘Sip N Shop’. The first ‘Sip N Shop’ was held in December of 2016. Good turnout and a great time had by all, inspired a second get-together the following week with plans for one a season! If you missed out last week we highly encourage you to keep your eyes open for the next one and pencil it into your calendars. Unsure what the fuss is all about? Here are some compelling reasons why you should attend:

New Products! –  A rounder at the front of the store lay bare hours before ‘Sip N Shop’ began. At 5pm Mary’s employees unveiled the products destined for that rounder – Equestrian apparel brand Joules’ new spring line. Bold Navy and Stripes, Adorable floral and horse prints adorned the items for women and girls.

Check out the rest of Mary’s Spring Apparel available now

#SupportLocalMade – There is something electrifying about meeting local artisans and exploring new products. Three booths were set out for designer-proprietors of local accessory vendors: Cassiano Designs, Mane Jane and SeamReap, so they could introduce themselves and their products to ‘Sip N Shop’ attendees.

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Seam Reap available at Mary’s

A Time to Unwind –  After a long day at work, ‘Sip N Shop’ offers a refuge from waiting in traffic. Friendly Mary’s staff offered delectable crackers, cheeses, and a welcoming spread of veggies. You could relax into the atmosphere, see friends old and new, browse current Mary’s offerings with wine, beer or refreshing water in hand. It’s also a great time to visit with Mary’s Employees as buyers, managers and cashiers are in attendance.

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Mane Jane available at Mary’s

If there is a vendor you’d love to see and talk to at a future ‘Sip N Shop’, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment with your feedback and suggestions on the blog, drop us a message on Facebook or email us at email@marystack.com

Every Day Gift Ideas

Spur StrapWhat do we want for the holidays?  New stuff. We’re horse people; we all have stuff we use every day that works just fine. Things like sets of pillow wraps that almost match, a faded halter that we can get by with for another year, grungy polos that we keep meaning to replace but never quite get around to actually replacing.  Sure, we’ve all seen the holiday commercials with the giant red bow on top of the car and jewelry boxes full of sparkly diamonds, and who would complain about getting the latest and greatest most expensive, fanciest gifts? But there’s something to be said for fresh, new stuff that we get to use every day.

·         How great is it to have a brand spanking new clean white set of leg quilt ?
·         And bandages to match
·         A fresh baby pad (or 6)
·         Fluffy, pristine polo wraps, without bits and pieces stuck in the velcro.
·         A schooling girth that doesn’t have one strand of horsehair embedded in it (yet).
·         A bright nylon halter and matching lead, with shiny hardware.
·         Spur straps that don’t have broken keepers and aren’t all stretched out.

Our friends and parents and significant other can get overwhelmed with all of the horsey gifts out there –  they want to get us something we actually want and that’s actually useful – so let’s forward this list to them and look forward to enjoying new, fresh, shiny stuff to use in the new year!