‘Treat’ your Horse to one of our 4 Favorite Horse Treats!


Horse treats are a staple at the barn. Many of us use treats and cookies as a training tool, reward or as an edible way of saying “I love you.”

Evolving from sugar cubes and lumps, to the healthier option of apples and carrots, today’s horse treat selections offer a vast array of fun flavors, nutritious options, and (most importantly) ease and convenience.

Here are 4 of Mary’s best-selling horse treats and the inspiration behind the brands!


Mrs. Pastures has been a best-seller at Mary’s for many years! Natural, crunchy cookies that are the perfect size to stash in pockets and proudly made in the USA! Mrs. Pasture’s cookie recipe was developed back in 1986, when the company owner wanted to create the perfect cookie for her horse, Poncho. Mary’s Tack and Feed was the first California customer for Mrs. Pastures! Back then, only the 8oz cookie bag was available. Now, Mrs. Pastures is available in many sizes to fit any size barn!

Co-owner, Stephanie, still has green Tent Sale bucket from when she was in high school. “I’m not going to date myself, but that was forever ago!”

California Chrome and his favorite horse treats!

California Chrome and his favorite horse treats!

Ace, a newly rescued NSH of Stephanie and her husband, enjoying his custom made Mrs. Pasture’s horse cookie!

Ace, a newly rescued NSH of Stephanie and her husband, enjoying his custom made Mrs. Pasture’s horse cookie!

When you walk into Mary’s, it’s the first thing you smell (well, besides the leather)-the sweet scent of Haystack Wildberry Delight Horse Treats wafting in the air. As modest as the white, paper bags are… inside lives beautiful, sun-cured alfalfa hay pellets infused with cranberries and wildberry juice. Wildberry Delights are made in Oregon, fresh from the hay fields. Horses goes nuts for them!


Paddock Cakes treats stand apart from many horse treats. With their iconic red label and candy-topped cookies taunting you from within the jar, seeing all the flavors is the horsey equivalent of walking into Willy Wonka’s factory. Paddock Cakes’ baker, Linda, originally created her treats for her horses, Diamond and Cody. Settling for nothing but the best, Linda uses only high-quality, fresh and natural ingredients. Each batch of Paddock Cakes cookies is baked the same way she cooks for her family- with “LUV” and care.

“I added a touch of candy because my grandmother always told me, “Never go to the barn without a little sugar in your pocket.””

Paddock Cakes also offer Corral Cookies for owners wanting the tasty, wholesome goodness Paddock Cakes has to offer, but without the candy.


When Cheryl’s horse, Apache, developed some dental and health issues, she was on the lookout for a soft and healthy horse treat. With the use of her animal health pharmaceutical background, A to Z Horse Treats was born! Made with human-grade ingredients in the USA, they can proudly boast their treats are low-carb and low sugar.

The Original recipe serves function as an excellent “pill popper” to ensure even the pickiest equine receives their medication. The Blonde Bits of Health recipe is uniquely made with agave and cinnamon, which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.


Mary’ Tack and Feed offers many other quality treats for every horse and every budget! See our online selection at www.marystackandfeed.com or visit our store and drool over our selection!

How to Care for Leather Tack


Whether you just purchased a new saddle or bridle from Mary’s or you need to revitalize older tack that has seen better days, here are a few tips and techniques for proper maintenance and care of your leather tack. Regular inspection and cleaning ensures your horse tack and equipment will not accumulate dirt and grime that will weaken the leather and can compromise safety. It also keeps your leather goods looking good and lasting for years and years.

New Tack:

We always recommend that you follow the specific manufacturer’s guidelines for caring for your new tack. The harness leather used for western headstalls does not need the same care and ingredients as does the baby soft French calfskin on a Butet saddle. The leather’s needs can change depending on the tanning process and the finish used on the final product. Purchasing the manufacturer’s branded leather care products is recommended, as the care products are usually blended specifically for that brand’s leather needs. Keep in mind that some manufacturer’s warranties become void if you do not use the appropriate recommended products.

If you are unsure of the brand of tack or if you just want generalized care that will suit most brands, we recommend following these steps.

  1. Disassemble the bridle or take stirrup leathers off saddle.
  2. Using a dry rag or towel, gently wipe away any moisture or dust that may have accumulated on the surface and within crevices in the leather.
  3. Take a damp sponge and rub into a quality glycerin saddle soap, such as Fiebings Glycerin Soap or Stubben Glycerine Soap. Apply the soapy sponge to the leather and work up a light lather. Rinse well and wipe away excess.
  4. If you don’t like Glycerine soaps, as they do tend to leave a layer of glycerin on the surface of the leather, you can use a pH balanced cleaner, such as Lexol Leather Cleaner or Stubben Leather Soap.
  5. Apply a conditioner, such as Oakwood Leather Conditioner or Effax Leather Balsam, to the leather using a sponge or cloth.


Oiling Tack:

  1. Assess if leather is dry and whether it needs to be oiled. Always oil sparingly and start with 1 light coat. Apply additional coats of oil only if needed; over-oiling can damage the stitching and cause your tack to fail or fall apart.
  2. If the leather needs oiling, place the tack outside in the sunlight for about 5-10 mins to help warm the leather and open the pores. This ensures even absorption of the oil.
  3. Use an oil purposed for leather use, such as Neatsfoot Oil or Hydrophane Leather Dressing, and apply using a small brush or soft cloth to the undersides of the leather. Do not apply to the finished side of the tack, as the finish will not allow proper absorption and the oil will just end up on you or your breeches the next time you ride. Do not apply too much oil to your saddle’s knee rolls, seat, or panels, as the oil can start to absorb into the padding materials under the leather.
  4. Tips: If you are oiling to darken tack, use Hydrophane Leather Darkening Oil. If you need to oil light tack and do not want any color change, use Lexol Neatsfoot Non-Darkening Formula.


Revitalizing Old/Neglected Tack:


Calfskin or Premium Leather:

Most manufacturers do not recommend cleaning calfskin tack very often. Only clean if needed, and use a calfskin specific cleaner such as, Beval Savon Akene Soap, or a cream based soap, such as Effax Leather Cream Soap. Use a high quality calfskin specific conditioner such as Beval Akene Conditioner or CWD Conditioner. Oil very sparingly!


Non-Leather Tack:

  1. Remove bit and stirrup irons and allow to soak in a bucket of soapy water. (Dish soap is fine to use here – but not too much!)
  2. Scrub with a sponge or small stiff brush to remove any grime or build-up.
  3. Rinse with clean water and dry with a towel or rag.
  4. You can use a metal polish like Peek on your irons, but only use Herm Sprenger Diamond Bit Paste on your bits (it’s going in your horse’s mouth after all!)
  5. Keep some Horse Armour Bit Wipes in your tack trunk to quickly clean your bit after you ride. The wipes also leave a nice flavor that your horse will enjoy!


A few more tips:

  • Don’t leave your saddle or tack out in the sun for long periods of time. Put it in the shade or put it away in the tack room or tack trunk.
  • Don’t leave your saddle or tack out in the rain. A few rains drops won’t hurt if it starts sprinkling during your class at a show, but the less exposure to water, the better for your tack.
  • Don’t ride in jeans in an English saddle. The seams of your jeans can cause excessive wear and tear on your saddle’s seat and the stitching.
  • Don’t use household cleaners on your saddle. Most cleaners are not designed for leather and can do some damage.
  • Don’t keep or lay the girth across the seat of your saddle. The dirt and sweat from the girth can cause the stitching at the seat to weaken or come apart.
  • Keep a dust cover on your saddle when not in use.


Proper care and maintenance of leather is well worth your time and effort. You will prolong the life and safe use of your tack and it will look better and feel better, too.


Riders4Helmets International Helmet Awareness Day – 20% off sale on Helmets, Aug. 1st!

Ovation Deluxe Schooler

Ovation Deluxe Schooler

This Saturday, August 1st, 2015 is Riders4Helmets International Helmet Awareness Day! Mary’s Tack and Feed is participating in this event and all helmets will be 20% off! Now is the best time to replace that old helmet coming up on its 5 year mark, or to stock up on helmets for your whole lesson barn!

For the beginner rider, adult or child, we highly recommend the Ovation Deluxe Schooler helmet. It comes in various sizes, can be adjusted for the perfect fit, comes in classic black, and is a very affordable option at only $49.99 for a first helmet without sacrificing safety.

Tipperary Sportage

Tipperary Sportage

For everyday trails or schooling, you’ll love the Tipperary Sportage helmet. This helmet stands apart from others as it is super lightweight and several vents throughout the entire crown keep this helmet breezy and cool. This helmet comes further down in the back to the base of the skull for full cranium protection! And with its non-adjustable shell that comes in various sizes, you can guarantee that no mechanical malfunction will prevent keeping you safe in the event of a fall. At only $69.99, this helmet is a great deal for superb level of protection and you’ll look great with its sporty carbon fiber print shell.

One K Defender Bling

One K Defender Bling

The One K Helmet is making it big in the Dressage rings with their perfect synergy between advanced technology and aesthetically pleasing design. Truly an all-around helmet, the One K Defenders feature a super comfortable, removable liner, padded harness and are fully vented for cool comfort all summer show season long! In addition, you can get some subtle bling with Swarovski crystals for that instant show ring glam!

Charles Owen AYR8

Charles Owen AYR8

Our favorite helmet for the Hunters is the Charles Owen AYR8 and SP8. Charles Owen AYR8 and SP8 helmets offer the same comfortable fit, highest level in safety and superb ventilation. Air vents covered by a stylish sporty mesh offers air flow without sacrificing Charles Owen’s triple safety approved standards – ASTM, BSIN and the ultra-strict PAS standards are all met.

GPA Speed Air 4S

GPA Speed Air 4S

Mary’s has a very exciting addition to our selection of helmets especially for Jumpers! The NEW GPA Speed Air 4S Helmet from GPA’s Redline collection is the newest generation of helmet technology. Some of the great features of the Speed Air 4S include 4 layers of shock absorption for twice the protection level of a traditional helmet, ample ventilation with 5 air flow louvers, contour interior EPS in red leather for comfort, perfect fit interchangeable interior foam padding, and secured by 4 riveted fixing points.

Troxel Sierra

Troxel Sierra

Western riders are no exclusion, and the Troxel Sierra helmet is a best-selling Western Helmet that has a riveted Cordora and leather finish. Engineered for riding extremes, the Sierra’s rugged covering not only looks good, but also withstands the toughest terrain on the trail. Its excellent ventilation and mesh covered vents have made this the trail and western rider’s number one choice.

The Riders4helmets International Helmet Awareness Day Sale is for 1 day only! Come in to Mary’s for an expert fit by our trained and knowledgeable sales staff. Not local to Southern California? This sale is also valid online at http://www.marystack.com or call 1-800-551-MARY to order.

NEW Open Farm Dog Food at Mary’s Tack and Feed

Open Farm

Open Farm

Mary’s Tack and Feed now carries Open Farm Dog Food, the first Humane Certified Dog Food by Humane Farm Animal Care standards. Open Farm is a family run business that sources only the highest quality ingredients from local suppliers they know and trust. The entire farm-to-bowl supply chain is audited and certified by third-party organizations specializing in humane animal care and sustainable farming practices to give you peace of mind.

Bobby, a 9 year veteran of our Feed Department shows off the Open Farm display.

Bobby, a 9 year veteran of our Feed Department shows off the Open Farm display.

Open Farm recipes are formulated without grain, corn, wheat and soy; rendered meat or poultry meals; artificial preservatives and flavoring; meat and poultry byproducts; industrial farmed fish; or any ingredients from China. Their recipes are high in fresh meat and protein. They use fresh, locally harvested fruits and vegetables, and their formulas are a good source of coconut and fish oils, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and prebiotic fibers. Open Farm is also a rotational diet which means you can feed your pet any of the formulas without transitioning steps. The flavors include: Homestead Turkey & Chicken Recipe, Farmer’s Market Pork & Root Vegetable Recipe, and Catch-of-the-Day Whitefish & Green Lentil Recipe.

Each Open Farm recipe is subject to a set of rigorous standards in order to ensure your pet is provided with the best possible ingredients while maintaining a commitment to animal welfare and the environment. All meat and poultry used in their products is raised naturally on family farms with humane and sustainable practices; the animals are nourished by vegetarian diets free from antibiotics and hormones, and raised in environments where they have space, shelter and the ability to engage in their natural behaviors. Their fresh fish is always ocean caught and never farmed; free from antibiotics, artificial feeds and preservatives; and is sourced seasonally using environmentally sustainable fishing practices.

Open Farm Dog Food Recipes

Open Farm Dog Food Recipes

In addition to their superb products and ingredient sourcing, Open Farm has partnered with TerraCycle, a leader in the recycling industry, to launch the very first North American pet food bag recycling program and provide customers with a free and easy way to recycle Open Farm bags, converting them to brand new products instead of sending them to the landfill.

Check out this wonderful line of dog food now available at Mary’s Tack and Feed in Del Mar, CA. You can call 7 days a week: 858-755-2015, or check out our website http://www.marystack.com

Mother’s Day Ideas at Mary’s Tack and Feed!

Supracor Stimulite Spa Bath & Body Mitt

Supracor Stimulite Spa Bath & Body Mitt

Have you picked up something for mom yet? With Mother’s Day just a little over a week away, you can rest assured knowing that Mary’s has the perfect gifts in mind for all the World’s Greatest Moms.

Most moms love pampering, but with a bustling family and busy schedule, it can be hard to get a day off to head to the spa or salon. Bring the pamper to mom at home with the Supracor Spa Cells collection. The Stimulite Spa Bath & Body Mitt is a customer favorite and for good reason; the unique honeycomb shaped material is specially engineered to stimulate blood flow and promote

Laura's Goat Milk Lotion - Lavender

Laura’s Goat Milk Lotion – Lavender

cellular renewal.

After exfoliating and massaging her skin with the antifungal, antibacterial Supracor Body Mitt, mom can moisturize with Laura’s Goat Milk Lotion. Truly heaven in a bottle, this lotion is extremely emulsifying using ingredients goat’s milk, coconut oil, Aloe Vera gel, olive oil, vitamin E oil, and more. This luxurious lotion comes in scents to please every mom, such as Pink Sugar, Vanilla, Lavender, and Mango.

Joules Connick Cowl Sweatshirt

Joules Connick Cowl Sweatshirt

Mom will love this beautiful Joules Connick Cowl Neck Sweatshirt. Chic, simple, sophisticated-casual, and a little bit nautical, this sweatshirt is perfect for Spring, Summer, or Fall and is the perfect cover-up for breezy days. The stylish elements on this classic piece makes it stand out from the crowd while being easy to pair with any outfit.

Make a subtle statement with the “Mom” Sabona Magnetic Bracelet. This lovely polished stainless steel bracelet with either Silver or Gold accent gem-studded links that spell Mom will remind her of all the moments she shares with you.

Sabona "Mom" Magnetic Bracelet

Sabona “Mom” Magnetic Bracelet

Don’t forget, Mary’s is also offering FREE ground shipping on all orders of $75 of more! Find more gifts for Mother’s Day in store, online at http://www.marystack.com , or call Toll Free 1-800-551-MARY(6279).

Free shipping on orders of $75 or more!

Boho Bag by STS Ranchwear

Boho Bag by STS Ranchwear

Mary’s has extended our previous Free ground shipping promotion until May 12th for orders of $75 or more!

Deerskin Roper Gloves by Geier Glove Co.

Deerskin Gloves by Geier Glove Co.

Mother’s Day is coming up, have you decided what to get your equine loving mother? Perhaps a new pair of gloves for the barn or a chic belt or bag to go with any outfit? Maybe a cute straw hat for when she is out training horses or gardening in the hot sun? Place an order of $75 or more and the shipping is on us!

This free shipping offer is good for ground/standard shipping in the continental US only. Overweight or oversize orders do not apply. See website for details at http://www.marystack.com.

Cowgirl Style Straw Hat with Accent Scarf

Cowgirl Style Straw Hat with Accent Scarf

Also, don’t forget our FREE Pet Safety Seminar is this Sunday, April 26th from 2pm to 4pm PST. RSVP today at 858-755-2015 to reserve your spot!

Shapley’s Equine Grooming Products

Shapley's Grooming Products

Shapley’s Grooming Products

Shapley’s will be at Mary’s Tack and Feed on Monday, April 13th from 11am to 1:30pm to tell us about their superior equine grooming product line. From humble beginnings, Shapley’s has grown into an organization providing an extensive line of quality equine grooming products, becoming a staple in barns worldwide.

The product that started it all and is still to this day the most popular item from their line is their unique Original M-T-G. Original M-T-G is formulated to eliminate the causative agent creating skin problems so it treats at the source to dry up and heal the affected area. Its special ingredients also condition the skin and hair around the problem area which promotes both healthy skin and hair regrowth. Original M-T-G keeps the skin conditioned while creating a barrier against the elements. It offers quick relief and visible hair growth in 3-5 days.

Another Mary’s customer favorite is their Show Touch Up. This incredible product covers stains, scars, blemishes and flaws on your horse’s coat. It can also be sprayed in tails to create a fuller appearance. Show Touch Ups are a must have for any horse competing or whenever you want to improve the appearance of your horse. They come in 8 coat colors, including White, perfect to touch up and brighten socks and other white markings.

Mary’s best-selling Shapley’s product is the Hi Gloss finishing spray. Hi Gloss is a light, oil based spray perfect for defining muscles and dramatically highlighting features. It also conditions hair as well as adding incredible shine to the horse’s coat, mane and tail. It accentuates all colors of horses and if used as part of a daily grooming routine it will keep skin and hair supple and conditioned.

Come out to Mary’s on Monday, April 13th and get the scoop on all these great products and more! You can find the Shapley’s online at http://www.marystack.com.