Trailer Safety Tips

When you own or lease a horse eventually you’ll find it necessary to haul them. Whether for a trail ride, horse show, vet clinic, or just plain old moving, that horse will need to get on a horse trailer of some kind. Hauling horses can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some things to keep in mind.



You’ll want to inspect the wear and tear on your truck and trailer on a regular basis. For planned trips, taking the time a week before you go to make sure your tires have adequate pressure. That your lights all work, your brakes work and your hitch is in good repair. Be sure to check every nook and cranny of your rig for rust and rot. Rust and rot will put long term damage on your vehicle and put you and others in the way of danger.


Most people don’t realize but being organized is a key piece to being safe. Knowing where everything is from safety ties, your first aid kit  to your grooming supplies , will help you keep your cool in high stress situations. Not only that, in the case where someone else is helping you out it makes things easier on them. Having a place for your things will keep walkways and doorways clear of obstruction, so tripping and falling accidents don’t occur.



There are so many products on the market to help your horse have a safe haul, from shipping boots to protect the legs , to shipping caps to protect the noggin . You can’t expect your horse to be okay with any of these items the moment you plan to ship them. In fact, sometimes these items can cause more stress if your horse isn’t used to them. Taking adequate time prior to hauling to socialize your horse to such products will go a long way in reducing travel anxiety for human and equine.

Hauling doesn’t need to be a scary experience! Still have questions about trailering your horse?  Stop by or call! Many of us are seasoned haulers and will be more than happy to make suggestions on what products have worked best for us and may work for you.

New Year’s Resolutions…For Your Horse


Pssst…. Attention all equines! Yes, this blog is for YOU!

The New Year is here and your human counterparts are going to be busy trying to reinvent themselves. Things may even get a little nutty. So, we’ve come up with some resolutions you can make for yourself and tips on how to stick with them!


GET IN SHAPE… I mean, don’t…

Many of your humans will resolve to lose weight or get in better shape after the New Year. This resolution, as popular as it is, usually fizzles out in a month. Poor, human.

How can you help? Gain weight so they look better by comparison!

A trick to this is to convince everyone you haven’t eaten and are on the brink of starvation. It’s all in the eyes. ANY person who walks by, give them a sorrowful look and reach out to their pockets. The treats within may end up in your feeder, instead of that other horse. You’ll pack on the pounds faster than you think!



If you do have to work on your physique, consider yoga. Good for the body, mind and soul. A basic move you can start with is Upward Hoof. Lay down on the ground and reach all four hooves up to the sky. It might take a couple attempts, but keep rolling over until you accomplish the move. This is especially invigorating after a bath.

Another move is Tree Salute. Firmly plant all feet and slowly lean forward and stretch your neck up toward a tree branch. Then stretch your lips out. Eat some leaves. Ignore anyone who yells at you- you are in “the zone.”



Aside from being a nuisance to others, cribbing is an unhealthy habit that can cause many long-term issues. Cessation products like cribbing collars, stall toys that can give distraction and natural remedies can help be a part of your quitting support team.



Get to know your local flavors by partaking in roadside buffets. You’ve seen them while walking by on the trail, especially during the spring. Fresh, flowering herbs can bring such delight to an equine pallet. Take advantage of a loose rein and reach for a snack.

You can also check in with what your neighbor is dining on. Their grain has to be better than what you have.



Resolve your fear of travel and take the brave leap into that shiny, metal, moving box! It is not a monster trying to eat you… give it a good kick and see for yourself… see? Give it another kick, for good measure. Told you so. Trailering in comfortable gear can help ease travel stress. Consider splurging on a shipping halter and boots to aid in your relaxation… and protect yourself from any “trust kicks” along the journey.


If you have any questions about products that can help make your New Year’s resolutions stick, have your human call the friendly staff at Mary’s Tack and Feed at (800)551-MARY. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals!