Tent Sale Set-up Sneak Peek

Even though the store is closed today, this is one of the busiest and exciting days of the year for the staff at Mary’s: our huge Tent Sale is this weekend and today is set-up day!

It takes close to 60 people to completely remerchandise the entire store to prepare for all the excitement of this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

tent sale, equestrian, horses, discountsJust think about it- in addition to our entire store, this 100 foot tent half stocked with all kinds of great sale goodies, and half set up with 14 cashiers!  And this year, keep your eyes peeled for entries in our cutest horse contest while you wait in line, which hopefully won’t be for long with our fast and efficient cashier staff.

Inside, the store is completely transformed as pallets of merchandise are unwrapped, stocked, tagged and hung up for your shopping enjoyment. The amount of preparation really is incredible – from our IT guys hooking up all the computers and PA system, to our buyers and sales people getting all the merchandise set out for our customers.

This is just a quick post as I want to get back helping the rest of the crew, but I wanted to share some of the excitement with you in advance!

Hope to see you this weekend –
Dale (GM)
PS – remember our sale hours! Friday and Saturday 9-5, Sunday 9-4.

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