Fashion Forward

It’s myGoode Rider Cozy Cardigan Sweater favorite time of the year! The weather starts to cool down, the mornings and evenings are brisk and although for us Southern Californians we don’t get what the rest of the country calls “winter”, we do get what I like to call “sweater weather”! And soon enough it will be cold enough to justify wearing all the things I love so much. Sporty sweatshirts, stylish quilted jackets, and cozy sweaters (I’m actually wearing this sweater as I type this blog!) as well!

I think one of my favorite things about being the English Apparel buyer at Mary’s is that nearly half a year in advance, I get to look at some amazing clothing lines. When they arrive many months later, it’s always really exciting to see each new collection and to get inspired about the coming fall season.

Almost every year…ok every year without fail…I have bought one or two (or five or six) pieces of sportswear from our store for myself. And the coolest thing is so much of the sportswear we carry is durable enough for the barn but is totally relevant in mainstream fashion!

Let me tell you, when I wear my super sleek, cozy warm Goode Rider Down Parka  (one of my absolute favorite pieces!) paired up with cute jeans and some boots out on a chilly evening walk to dinner in the city, I often times get complimented by a complete stranger telling me how cute, cool or gorgeous my jacket is and often times they ask me “what brand it that?” and “where did you get that?!” Of course I’m always happy to inform anyone that Mary’s Tack in Del Mar is an amazing place to get totally fashionable sportswear that you won’t find at the mall.

The fact that I can get affordable, fashionable sportswear which gives a sense of individuality yet is still on trend in today’s fashion, to me, is what wearing clothes is all about.

Happy Fall and Happy Shopping!


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