Celebrating Safety with Charles Owen

We all know how important helmet safety is but it seems like too often we take it for granted. Sometimes it seems too easy or too convenient to ride sans helmet. Maybe it’s just a short ride, maybe it’s too hot, or maybe we just never wore one to begin with. But the reality is we only have one head, one brain (which pretty much runs the show) coupled with a stark, recent reminder that even riders in the upper echelon of talent and ability can become a victim of a seemingly innocent fall, this reality has jolted us all out of the naïvety and carelessness that causes us to leave the helmet in the tack trunk rather than on our heads as we swing up into the saddle.

I promise, this is a positive post.

On Friday December 23rd Mary’s is proud to honor one of leaders in safety, Charles Owen as they celebrate their 100th year. Charles Owen has been an amazing partner with the equestrian community providing an unparalleled level of safety and protection for riders of all disciplines.

Certified not only through the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) but through two very strict European safety standards (PAS and BS EN) as well which means Charles Owen helmets are tested to crash in a variety of different ways, areas and impact surfaces. To insure the utmost quality control, for each 1000 helmets manufactured by Charles Owen, one is tested as a spot check. If it doesn’t pass, the entire batch is destroyed.

So if you are looking for a new helmet, or you want to upgrade your helmet (helmets should be replaced every three years even if you have not encountered a fall) or you just want to be properly fitted or ask some questions, come on into Mary’s on Friday December 23rdfrom 11-4pm and you will have a chance to speak to our wonderful Charles Owen Rep, Diana!

We will have fun little prizes plus gifts with purchase and best of all, CAKE!

We look forward to seeing you, and we look forward to you riding safely.


English Apparel Buyer at Mary’s Tack and Feed

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