Why do we have a Sale Right Before a Sale?

For the past few years, Mary’s has promoted a January “Pre-Season Show Sale”, featuring fantastic discounts on tall boots and Charles Owen helmets. Some of our veteran customers, who know we also hold our major, store-wide Tent Sale each February, have been asking us “Why have a January sale before your February sale?”.

Well, if you’ve attended our Tent Sale, you know that the savings are great and the atmosphere is exciting.  But if you want to get fitted for a tall boot, it can be a little nutty.

Sure, we can do it. We do have great Sales Associates at Mary’s, after all! But if you want to sit, ask questions, walk around leisurely in your prospective boots, and get as much enjoyment as possible out of the whole tall boot fitting process, then the Tent Sale sometimes just isn’t conducive to that.

So we started our January sale – featuring a discount on tall boots that’s as good as the discount we’ll have at our Tent Sale. And then, because we know that the only thing better than one great deal is two great deals, we added the premium helmet line of Charles Owen to our January sale line-up.

Charles Owen does control their pricing, but allows Mary’s Tack & Feed to discount their helmets substantially just one time each year: January.

We’ve also added in a few other things over time. Heck, if we’re already having a January sale, we might as well make it fun, right?

This year, our January sale ends on the 23rd. Until then, save 20% on Charles Owen helmets and tall boots (excluding custom boot orders).  You can also save 15% on English bridles, coolers and scrims, ratcatchers, hunt coats, Ariat Quantum Paddock Boots, and more. Just click here to visit our website and see everything we have to offer.

And remember, our store-wide Tent Sale is February 17, 18, 19, 2012. It’s always a great time with lots of fun sales, auctions, and prizes! Be sure to put us in your reader or subscribe by email so you don’t miss any updates about this fabulous event. More information coming soon in our next post!

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