Spring Sportswear has Arrived!

While spring may not have sprung completely across the entire country, it certainly has awoken here in lovely Southern California. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and the long, warm sunny afternoons (thanks, Daylight Savings Time!) beckon me to toss my sweatshirt aside, open up the windows and even have lunch outside at a cafe. And typically this is also the same time of year that I eagerly open up my “t-shirt drawer” and realize that all my things that were so cute last year (or quite probably, the year before) are looking old and dingy. Not quite the image I was going for.  So what better way to celebrate the start of the season than to freshen up one’s wardrobe with some fantastic new spring fashion finds?marinelle polo, spring apparel

One shirt I’ve had my eye on since it arrived in our store is the Marinelle Polo from Joules. I just love the bright, playful colors, especially the thin chartreuse green stripes, just perfect in small doses. This classic polo shirt in traditional cotton stretch pique is so adorable paired up with any riding outfit or as casual wear with crisp white capri pants for a weekend get-together.

Another super cool top that caught my eye right away was the Romfh Sinead Polo.  Romfh is already well known for their use of super high tech fabrics that wick moisture, breathe and keep you cool and dry.  Add to that the fact that their garments are extremely flattering and have so many feminine touches and you’ve got a line that everyone will love!  The Sinead in particular drew me in because of its crisscross layered cap sleeves and the adorable ruching at the chest.

ice fil fabric, kerrits, spring apparelNow, this next top may not knock your socks off with its style elements but let me bring you in on a little secret: this fabric, called IceFil, is nothing short of AMAZING! The Kerrits Ice Fil Top is actually made from a fabric that lowers skin temperature by 5 degrees.  As you ride, walk or run, the air moves through this amazing shirt and the fabric converts the sweat to a refrigerant! This will be the last summer I suffer in the baking sun on the verge of passing out. Not this year, my friends! It’s even available in a long sleeve version for those who want extra sun protection which, incidentally, is UPF 40.

romgh competitor show shirtSpeaking of long sleeves, are you a fan of the long-sleeved top but are still on the hunt for the coolest, lightest one out there?  Well, search no more, because we have it Mary’s Tack and Feed!  Remember the ever popular Romfh brand?  Now check out the ultra versatile Romfh Long Sleeve Competitor Shirt. This awesome top is designed for the show ring with a wrap style collar, but works equally as well as an everyday schooling top. The entire shirt is made from moisture wicking DriLex, just like the Sinead Polo mentioned above, but underneath the arms is an ultra fine mesh panel that allows for maximum air flow.

FITS Claire show shirtBefore I let you go, I have to mention just one other shirt. The button-down FITS Claire Show Shirt, designed for the show ring, is indescribably soft and stretchy and can easily do double duty as an everyday shirt.  Really, you have to feel it to understand…or just trust us and get it – you won’t be disappointed.  It’s incredibly lightweight, hardly wrinkles and well, it’s really fabulous all around!

From the innovative, to the stylish, to the fun… we have you covered when it comes to spring equestrienne sportswear. No need to settle for the old, the dingy or the worn out. Just come to Mary’s for some fun, springtime inspiration!

Happy Riding!


English Apparel Buyer

Mary’s Tack and Feed

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