The Jeans Scene at Mary’s Tack and Feed

Mary’s Tack and Feed has been offering our customers quality jeans for years, and we’ve loved watching the selection transform from purely functional, to jeans that are comfortable and fashionable as well.  It’s great to know that riders can look good whether they’re in the saddle or out!

We’ve all noticed that different shoes fit differently depending upon the manufacturer, right?  Well the same principle can be applied jeans, which is why Mary’s is careful to carry a wide variety of manufacturers so that you can find jeans that fit just right.

From the perfect riding jean, like Wrangler’s Q baby or Cruel Girl’s Georgia, to the fashion-forward like Adiktd, Cowgirl Up, and the Lindsay from Cruel Girl, Mary’s Tack and Feed offers something for everyone.

jeans, pants, riding jeans, cute jeans, cowgirl jeansAnd if you’re tired of trying on a hundred pairs of jeans that seem cut for juniors but not for women, then give Cowgirl Tuff a try.  We know you’ll be hooked!

From the early traditional riding jeans made of heavy cotton for durability, which were so stiff it was sometimes a struggle to get them on and ended up feeling sticky and hot after hours working in warm weather, the amazing Vista jean from Cruel Girl was born.  Offering a light-weight cotton jean strengthened with just a smidge of polyester and lycra for stretch, the Vista was the #1 best selling jean at Mary’s Tack and Feed for years.  Since then, so many great manufacturers have created fabulous, comfortable, breathable and flattering jeans and Mary’s is proud to offer them to our customers!

Whether you’re in the saddle or out on the town, Mary’s Tack and Feed has jeans, from the affordable minimalist to the super embellished, that you will absolutely adore.

Shop with us online at or give us a call toll free at 1.800.551.6279 (MARY) and let us answer all your questions.

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