Staff Favorites – Lenore


Lenore manages both Sales and Social Media at Mary’s Tack and Feed! Here are a few of her favorite things at Mary’s.

  1. Omega Horse Shine – I love that its GMO free, made in the USA, and puts dapples on my horse in about 2 weeks!  My horses love it and so do I!
  2. Leder Combi – This is my favorite leather cleaner.  It doesn’t leave any residue, its super easy to use, and smells great!
  3. Amigo Stock Horse Fly Sheet – The Amigo Stock Horse Fly Sheet fits my petite warmbloods perfectly.  They fit through the chest and top line like a traditional Amigo, but the shorter drop allows for a more contoured and secure fit.
  4. Mikmar LeTixerant Girth – My horse loves her Mikmar girth.  She is super comfortable wearing it and she stays more relaxed during hard work.  I love that it is super easy to clean and care for.
  5. Walsh Halter – I always get Walsh halters for my horses.  I trust their hardware, craftsmanship, and quality.  I never worry about the snaps getting stuck or rusted, or the leather cracking.  I also think their stitching & padding is really beautiful.




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