Three things every Beginner Rider Needs now, and Three that Can Wait!

The summer is in full swing, the sun is shining, kids are out of school and maybe you’ve enrolled your son or daughter in their first Summer Camp! Or their first group of riding lessons! Maybe you’re an adult and you are taking riding lessons for the first time. Going to the tack store to pick up equipment and supplies to be ready for your first lesson can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be!

Basic Necessities:

  1. Riding Tights and Breeches:There are a lot of breeches and riding tights on the market. At Mary’s, we can help you find your perfect pair! We’ll help you decide which size, style, fabric, fit, and color suit your needs. Come try on Pikeur, Tailored Sportsman, Ariat, Romfh, Kerrits, Ovation, Irideon or our exclusive Mary’s breeches and tights. Whatever you choose, we know you’ll be happy!


  • A Heeled Boot: Sneakers, Clogs, Flip Flops, High Heeled Shoes, Sandals, and Tennis shoes are a big safety no-no to wear while riding. The footwear you choose should help protect feet from getting stepped on and prevent your foot from sliding through the stirrup should you fall off your horse. You’ll want to get fitted for a pair of paddock boots or cowboy boots. Whichever style you chose you’ll want to make sure there is tread on your sole and 1 to 1 1/2-inch-high heel. Check out different types of boots at
  • Helmet: A helmet is the most important piece of equipment a new rider needs! Just like everything else related to horses, helmets come in a wide array of brands, in different colors and sizes. Everyone’s head is different, some heads are more oblong, and others are rounder. It’s important to try on a helmet in person and be sized by someone who knows how to properly fit helmets. If you can’t make it into the store, call our helpful staff! They will be happy to assist you over the phone. We also have Helmet Fit Videos on Youtube, so take a peek at them too.


Things that can wait:

  1. Gloves: During different seasons, gloves can be useful to protect your hands from rain, wind, and sun. Sometimes, riders develop blisters from the reins. A good pair of gloves will help prevent that too. Gloves may not be necessary when you first start riding, but there are many affordable, fun, and practical gloves on the market should you choose to get some.
  2. Tack: Since you or your child will be taking lessons for the first time, tack probably isn’t necessary. When it is time for you to get your own saddle or bridle, you’ll have lots of options. Mary’s Tack and Feed has a great selection and knowledgeable and friendly staff who will be happy to help
  3. Hunt Coat: While hunt coats come in many great styles, colors, and fabrics they won’t be necessary for most riders until you decide to show. Even then, what kind of coat you will by is up to the kind of competing you or your child will be doing. So, it’s best to skip the Hunt Coat rack until further in your riding career.

Here at Mary’s Tack and Feed we want you to have a great experience. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help you find and fit equipment to you and your budget so you can focus on enjoying your ride!

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