5 Easy Hoof Care Tips

clean horse feet

There is an old saying that we have all heard, “No hoof, no horse,” and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to the health of your horses hooves. Here is a list of tips and products to consider helping your horse put its best foot forward.

1. Basic hoof care is the foundation for healthy hooves.

  • Keep the stall clean and dry. Add shavings or absorbent bedding to help keep it dry and reduce the chances of thrush.
  • Pick your horse’s hooves every day, before and after riding or exercising.
  • Schedule timely appointments with your farrier. Be nice to them. Maybe get them a gift certificate for a massage for Christmas.

2. Quality hay, feed, and supplements can keep your horse happy and healthy, from the inside out, from his fuzzy nose down to his “toes.” If you need to boost your horses’ feed program with a hoof supplement, Mary’s has a quality selection to choose from. Tried and true- Farrier’s Formula has been trusted and proven for over 30 years. Farrier’s Formula promotes fast and strong hoof growth, provides proper nutrition to strengthen and thicken the hoof wall and the connective tissues. Another option is Farrier’s Equine Matrix which has taken a nutritional twist on supplements! The unique proprietary blend of medicinal mushrooms supports connective tissues and cellular health with naturally occurring biotin and Vitamin D2.

3. Thrush– it happens to the best of us. If thrush does rear its ugly head, Mary’s has a vast selection of topical thrush treatments to choose from. In a world of liquid thrush treatments, No Thrush stands out with its “dry” approach to eliminating thrush. No Thrush powder contains naturally occurring mineral salts that attacks bacteria, without harming the surrounding healthy tissue. Moisture-bonding specialized clays draw out any moisture, deep within the frog and sole, destroying the happy breeding ground that bacteria thrives in.

4. It is wise to keep a first aid kit in your tack room or trunk- be sure to include products to treat a hoof abscess. Some basic products to keep on hand are:

Another handy-dandy item you should add to your kit is the Hoof Wraps Equine Soaker. Soaking a hoof is frustrating. If wrestling your horse’s hoof into a bucket of water doesn’t drive you bonkers, then standing there watching and waiting forever will. With the Hoof Wraps Soaker, you simply pull the boot over your horse’s hoof, add a soaking solution of your choice, strap that bad boy on and viola! Freedom!

5. Using a hoof conditioner is great way to keeping your horse’s hooves looking beautiful. Sound Hoof Conditioner is a customer favorite for providing moisture, suppleness and a show ring shine. Made with all-natural, non-toxic ingredients, Sound Hoof Conditioner is formulated with essential vitamins and nutrients. Plus, it’s the best smelling hoof conditioner in the world!

Give Mary’s a call or stop by the store, our team would love to help you and your horse!

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