FREE Equine GI Tract Seminar on Saturday, May 16th!

Dr. Rebecca James DVM

Dr. Rebecca James DVM

Mary’s Tack and Feed will be hosting a FREE Equine GI Tract Seminar with guest speaker Dr. Rebecca James DVM on Saturday, May 16th from 2pm to 4pm and will be held in the Mary’s Del Mar Arena.

The GI tract is one of the most important organ systems in equines as it enables horses to breakdown grasses and foods and absorb the nutrients to provide energy and support on a cellular level. Dr. Rebecca James DVM is from the San Dieguito Equine Group and will be discussing overall health of the Equine GI Tact. We will touch on the physiology and anatomy of the GI tract; forage, concentrated feeds, and supplements; parasites, diseases, colic, and ulcers.

Equine Digestive Tract

Equine Digestive Tract

To reserve your spot, please RSVP today at 858-755-2015. We hope you can join us for this valuable and informative seminar!

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