GumBits – End the Training Grind!



Now available at Mary’s Tack and Feed, GumBits are a revolutionary way to help horses in intense training or competition. These all natural chewing aids resemble small gum balls that are made of FDA approved ingredients and are show safe. GumBits promote the salivation process and help eliminate teeth grinding which can occur in high performance sport horses.

Horses love the sweet taste and the GumBits help the horse chew and relax their jaw which can result in an overall relaxed horse. Many trainers of young horses love the product as well as International and Olympic veterans.

Sponsored riders include US Olympian Steffen Peters, Canadian Olympian David Marcus, US Pan Am Gold Team Medalist Susie Dutta, Australian Olympic Long Listed Nicholas Fyffe, Three Star Level Eventer Matt Brown, German WEG Bronze Medalist Christoph Koschel, Western Dressage Champion Lynn Palm, New Zealand High Performance Coach Jeremy Steinberg and New Zealand Eventer Champion and FEI Competitor Britta Anna Pedersen.

Find this marvelous product online at or call today 858-755-2015.

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