Why Mary’s Customers Love Papa Psuka!

PapaPsukaTreatsIf you have been to Mary’s Tack and Feed or shopped on the Mary’s website in the past year or so, you’ve probably noticed these containers full of dog and cat treats with a yellow label and a funny name. Yup, it is the Papa Psuka pet treats! Our customers (and their dogs and cats) LOVE these healthy, baked, all natural treats. You’ll even find a big 32 oz jar stashed under the registers for any cute doggies to sample that visit Mary’s with their shopping owners.

Here’s the scoop on these yummy delicacies for canines and felines alike. All of Koda Pet products are made here in the state of California. These treats are 100% natural with no artificial ingredients and made from only 4 USA sourced meat ingredients: Beef Lung, Beef Liver, Beef Broth, Turkey Liver. They are made WITHOUT: grain, corn, wheat, soy, and are gluten-free. Because they are baked, the treats come with a satisfying crunch, but can still be easily broken up for little mouths.

Papa Psuka treats come in plenty of sizes of reseal-able packages for any size dog or home, 3oz, 6oz, 12oz, and 32oz jars, and they are an absolute GREAT price! The largest 32oz jar is only $21.99 and can last 1 dog quite a while!

While the customer favorite is certainly the Papa Psuka treats, honorable mention goes out to the other great flavors from Koda Pet. The Papa Tatanka treats are similar to the Papa Psuka, but are made of only 100% bison. Papa Icahi Bison treats are made of only bison and whole wild caught salmon. Papa Icahi Chicken treats are made of chicken, whole wild caught salmon, and beef organs. Casakala are “julienne cut” treats made of only Organic beef organs, low fat beef broth, vegetables in season (including carrots, beans, russet potatoes, peas, squash), molasses, eggs. Waksa treats are the same as the Casakala, but are cut in slices.

Pick up a 3oz size to try out or stock up on a full size jar either in store or online at http://www.marystack.com. You can also call to order at 1-800-551-MARY(6279). Your dog or cat will be thrilled!

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