The Pack N Go Dog Park Backpack

The Pack N Go Dog Park Backpack is the next hit with all the cool dog moms, and we’re a little bit in love as well! Mighty dog products donned this pack the ultimate accessory with sturdy, durable canvas and well designed versatility.

This pack isn’t your average backpack, there’s a zip away fanny pack for a short trip or outing and a detachable water bladder for long walks and hikes! Multiple pockets give this spacious bag great organization.

Two bowls zip right from a pouch so you can water and feed Fido on the go. A “poop” pocket gives you easy access to doggie bags without having to dig around! (Poo bags not included.) The removable easy-hook carabiner gives you a place to hook up the leash to free your hands.

Now on to the shoulder strap: lots of padding for comfort and a really cool detachable pocket for treats or a cell phone. This bag has lots of room in the main compartment for Frisbees, tennis balls, you name it!

We gave this bag an A+ for the crazy amount of features and accessibility. If we love it, we know you will too! Check it out in store or on-line.

Mighty Pack N Go Dog Park Back Pack

Mighty Pack N Go Dog Park Back Pack

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