Grand Prix Hunt Coat Fitting Night March 19

Since Grand Prix hunt coats have so many variations, Mary’s is hosting a “Wine and Cheese, Hunt Coats Please” VIP evening March 19 from 6-8pm. Krista, from Grand Prix, is flying in from the East coast, and will provide expert fitting assistance, plus swatches and examples of custom piping and collars.

“We have a good stock of tech fabric Grand Prix hunt coats,” said Mary’s English Apparel buyer Robin Wicker. “But many times our customers want that extra customization such as a different base color of coat (like hunter green, brown, French blue or grey) with contrasting microsuede collars and piping. This event will enable them to order exactly what they want to have their own individual look in the show ring.”

Several styles, including the Riley, Quinn and Tech Lite, will be available to try on and customize. AND, for every GP custom hunt coat purchased, the customer will receive a Mary’s Gift Card equivalent to 15% of the purchase price. The gift card can be used on other items within Mary’s.

“Wine and Cheese and Hunt Coats Please “ is free, but you must RSVP. The event is March 19, Wednesday evening from 6-8pm. Mary’s Sales associates will also be in attendance to answer any questions you may have about not only hunt coats, but anything else within Mary’s that interests you.

RSVP to 858-755-2015.

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