Tredstep Symphony Breech Collection- NEW!

We are so excited to have the new Tredstep Symphony Breech Collection in stock at Mary’s Tack and Feed.  With three models for women, the Rosa, the Azzura, and the Argenta PLUS the Azzura styled and sized for men, they truly offer something for everyone!

The Rosa , a traditional knee patch breech with a great look perfect for schooling or the show ring, features Tredstep Evolution fabric with nano sphere treatment. Made by Schoeller, it is naturally self cleaning – repels water, dirt, grease, coffee, ketchup…you name it. Such a great feature in a breech at this price point! Tredstep Rosa BreechThe staff has commented that the fabric is like that of a much more expensive, best selling breech at Mary’s. They truly love the fit and the contoured knee patches.  You can read more about the Tredstep Rosa knee patch breech for women by clicking here.

The Azzura, an innovative, high-tech knee patch breech, boasts Tredstep Evolution fabric, a microfiber, four way stretch material, which feels great and is always flattering.Tredstep Azzura Breech Our staff is enamored with the unique silicone grip knee patches. They don’t show when you are in the saddle and provide a great sticky feel. These would be perfect for equitation classes or if you lose a stirrup. And they also come in Men’s! Tredstep Azzura MenFinally, a guys’ breech with great features. Featuring a pleated front, euroseat, slash front pockets, and flap back pockets, you will love the Tredstep Azzura men’s breech. Read more about the features of this great model by clicking here.

The Argenta, the top of the line offering from the Symphony breech collection, is made of the wonderful Schoeller Prestige fabric with the nano sphere treatment that repels stains water, and anything else you might spill during a day at the barn. Tredstep Argenta BreechThe staff loves the fit as the waistband fits nicely and doesn’t gap.  They also feel extremely comfortable with the contoured, scalloped knee patches as they don’t bunch up behind the knee. Check out a candid shot of our salespeople modeling these breeches in real life then take a look at all the features here and you’ll see why this is an absolutely fabulous show breech!

Wanna know more about the new Tredstep Symphony breeches collection?  Have other questions about riding apparel or any other horsey related item?  We love to chat!  Give us a call toll free at 1.800.551.6279 and we’ll be happy to help you out. And, through the end of March we’re offering $8 flat rate shipping, so this is the perfect time to buy!

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