Matrix T3 Saddle Pad Giveaway!

Toklat is proud to announce that the members of the U.S. Equestrian Team used Matrix Saddle Pads at the 2012 Olympics!

Tina Konyot and Calecto V in their Matrix riding for the U.S.A. at the Olympic Games.

Here’s your chance to ride like an Olympian-

Toklat has generously teamed up with Mary’s Tack & Feed to give away a Matrix T3 Saddle Pad Package.   The winner will receive their choice of a Matrix T3 Ergonomic Half Pad , Matrix T3 Insert (see links to options below), and Matrix Liner , the total package being valued at up to $329.85!

Now comes the big question: How do I win?

First, learn more info about the Matrix T-3 inserts on the Mary’s Tack and Feed website.

Click here to read about the pro-impact insert

Click here to read about the lo-impact insert

Click here to read about the ortho-impact insert

Then just answer the following question in the comments section of this blog post…

Which T3 Insert would be best for your horse?

Yep – it’s that easy.

For additional entries you can:

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each of your entries so they can be counted individually.

Such a great prize and so many chances to win!  Good luck!

Entrants must be 18 years of age or older with a delivery address in the continental U.S. to be eligible to win.  No purchase necessary. Contest will end at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, September 19th, 2012.

110 thoughts on “Matrix T3 Saddle Pad Giveaway!

  1. The Matrix T3 insert that would be best for my horse would be the pro-impact insert because we do a lot of jumping and I think this pad would help absorb the shock from the impact of landing.

  2. The lo-impact insert would be great for both of my horses. My senior horse has lost condition due to age and being semi-retired but working on getting back in shape. And my 7 year old has an underlying issue which we suspect may be related to a chiropractic issue with his back. So this would be a great pad to hopefully address both of my horses needs.

  3. The Matrix T3 ORTHO-IMPACT insert would be best for my horse because he has some conformation issues due to ocd of the hocks and it can make his back sore too because of the way it effects his gaits and the way he holds himself. Also I am a larger rider and I would love to give my horse maximum cushioning and myself less bounce! Awesome product!!!! By the way the links you posted above don’t work but I easily found the inserts on your fab website!

  4. I would love to work with the ortho-impact insert. My horse george who i use for eventing has been lately having a sore back. He’s fit and has good conformation but the dressage work is on the hard side for him. I currently use a gel pad i bought about 2 yrs ago but i am in the market for a new one. Im currently indecisive on what would be the best for geroge and our situation. I want to make whatever i get to be the best for them and help him make the most of what he has to offer because he is my one in a million and i love him to death. If i can make his job that much easier it was well the worth the time spent looking around for the perfect pad for him.

  5. The Matrix T3 Pro-Impact Insert would be ideal for my horse. My saddle fits well and I massage her regularly, so she doesn’t have a sore back, but I do ride her often. She’s an ex-racehorse and was heavily raced during her career (67 times!!!) so I like to do anything I can to add to her comfort during rides.

  6. I think the Pro-Impact would be best for us. My saddle fits well, but as he is getting older his back is not as strong and could use the extra shock absorbing.

  7. The Matrix T3 ORTHO-Impact Insert would work best for Mudpie and I. While he is young and does not characteristically have a sore back, he is built in such a way that it is extremely difficult to find a saddle that fits him well. While we have found a saddle that works pretty great for him, I still worry lots about him, and I want to give him as much protection and cushion as I possibly can. 😉

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  9. The Pro-Impact would be best for my up and coming dressage star. He is young and fit (well fit for a youngster). I’m going to begin long-lining him prior to riding and would love to have this insert to start him with!

  10. My horse would benefit greatly from the Ortho Impact insert. He has a long back and has issues with saddle fit and developing muscle along his topline. He was in a trailer accident a few months ago and needs chiropractic work

  11. Ortho-impact insert would work best for my horse and I as I tend to get low back pain. I think this pad will allow me to ride more continuously! I liked Mary’s Tack and Feed and Matrix Matrix Saddle Pads on Facebook. I also was already following Mary’s Tack and Feed on Twitter! 🙂
    Thank you for the contest!

  12. I think the pro impact insert would be best for my horse. She is in great shape and running at preliminary level eventing. Although she isn’t back sore, I would love to do anything that could help her stay happy and healthy.

  13. The pro impact would be best for my horse because he is very fit and we school dressage 5-6 days a week. My saddle fits him very well and I think this saddle pad would improve his comfort and encourage him to lift his back more by absorbing some shock. I “liked” Mary’s Tack and Feed and Matrix Saddle pads on Facebook. 🙂

  14. I believe the Ortho Impact insert would be best, as I tend to get back pain when I ride. Also, I am without a horse at the moment, so I need a pad that is dynamic enough that it can adjust my saddle fit to whatever horse I am able to ride.

  15. The Pro-impact would be best for my gelding. I ride him 4-6 days a week so he is healthy and fit as a horse! 😉 I also don’t want to add bulk as he is a bit of a rolly-polly, as ponies tend to be 🙂

  16. My 14 yo OTTB would LOVE to have a new pad! The lo-impact or ortho would be great for him! Wilson had 28 starts and retired from the track as a 5 yo. He ended up with an eventer that drove him slaughter after being eliminated at Fair Hill for refusals. He was pulled from New Holland by Bev Strauss at MidAtlantic and Akindale re-homed him! He’s been my best buddy for 6 years now. We’ve been to the Biltmore in Asheville, NC on beach rides and pretty much anything else I’ve asked him to do. He’s had to be “off” for about 14 of the past 18 months due to injuries. I just restarted him under saddle a week ago as he’s coming back from an avulsion fracture of his right hind. He’s lost some tone – especially across the topline and he would DEARLY love to have some extra soothing help and protection under his comfy saddle! Here’s a link to his story!

  17. The Pro Impact would be best for me and my horse. My horse is very fit due to dressage abs extensive trail rides. My saddle fits perfect. I currently use a HAF pad w a concussion pad on top, so I love the idea of no added bulk with a concussion barrier. Exciting and progressive products!! Thanks Toklat!

  18. I believe the lo Impact would be best for my horse. I adopted her from a rescue about a year ago at 4 years old she was totally out of work. For the past year we have been focusing on correct muscle development. I have had to have her saddle adjusted about ever 3 months as she is changing so much so rapidly! It seems to fit her OK, but could be better. She is becoming quite the fun dressage horse…scoring a 70.5% at our last recognized show:) Pretty good for a little PMU rescue…I try to spoil her and give her the best tack I can afford. This pad would be a great addition!

  19. Matrix T3 LO-IMPACT would benefit myself and my horse. He’s a growing Warmblood developing a topline and it’s hard to find the exact “fit” with his ever changing back.

  20. The ortho-impact or the pro-impact or both. We do jumping and the saddle fits pretty well, but she has high withers. the ortho-impact would be good on non-jumping days because she can get sore and then gets a little weak back left. I hope i win!!!!

  21. I definitely think the Matrix T3 PRO-Impact Insert would be the PERFECT one for my horse and I! I already “like” Mary’s on FB, like Matrix on FB, Follow Y’all on Twitter and hope I’m lucky enough to win this great contest! 🙂

  22. I have liked Mary’s Tack and Feed for awhile now on Facebook, although I no longer live in CA. I also have liked Matrix Saddle Pads on Facebook. I don’t have a Twitter acct. or else I would do that too! Lol

    I looked at both the pro impact insert and the lo impact insert and it may be my phone, but they read identical in the description. But again, it may be my phone. I love the qualities of these inserts/pads and I believe the pro impact would better suit my OTTB that I recently rescued. He is just learning how to jump and this pad will assist in keeping him comfortable so he will continue to do his best and the bonus would be helping me with my seat as well. Nothing worse than an unhappy, sore horse. This would be an amazing pad to win both for me and my OTTB!

  23. The Pro-Impact insert would be best for me and my horse. She is in great shape, but anything I can do to make her more comfortable and reduce any impact after going over jumps would be great.

  24. ……And, I would choose the Matrix T3 PRO-Impact Insert for my mare. I’ve always wondered if a standard pad is really ‘enough’. This would definitely put my mind at ease!

  25. The ortho-impact would be best for my horse and I as we do lots of competitive work! I would like her to be most comfortable while she is working hard.

  26. My horse would really benefit from the ortho version of this great pad. My dressage saddle is not an ideal fit for his developing topline and I have been trying to sell it for over a year to be able to get the saddle he needs. I hope this might be a way to help resolve this issue until I can find a way to afford a proper saddle for him. He carries me and I only think its fair if I do his back kindness by something like this.

    I liked on Facebook and followed in twitter.

  27. Matrix T3 ORTHO-Impact Insert would work best for my horse because my saddle does not fit as well as it could. Any extra impact reduction would be nice for him too!

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