Free Feed Seminar – March 22, 2012

What to feed, what to feed…

For as long Mary’s been selling tack and feed, sometimes our biggest question is just that: “what should I feed?”.  So we invited Dave Spaulding, an Animal Science graduate from Cal Polytech State University to do a free feed seminar at Mary’s.

Thursday, March 22, Dave will join us to give an unbiased view of the basics of feeding your horse. He’ll review frequently asked questions, go over common misconceptions (such as “will alfalfa always make my horse ‘hot’?”), and give a basic introduction to the science of feed.

“I’ve done this talk at a few feed stores in California, and I’ll break it down to the simplest form for Mary’s customers,” says Dave. “In every talk, people come up at the end with a compliment that they finally feel confident about what they should be doing.”

This free feed seminar will be Thursday, March 22 starting at 5pm. at our Del Mar Store.

Mary’s will provide some light refreshments, including wine and cheese.  We’ll see you there!

What: Free Feed Seminar

When: Thursday, March 22, 5 p.m.

Where: Mary’s Tack and Feed

3675 Via de la Valle

Del Mar, CA 92014

For more information, call: 858.755.2015 or visit us online at

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