Mary’s Summer Sale!

Get a FREE Pessoa Show Pack ($99 value) with purchase of a Pessoa A/O saddle!

Get a FREE Pessoa Show Pack ($99 value) with purchase of a Pessoa A/O saddle!

Summer is still going strong and we’re celebrating with some super awesome sales! Our Summer Sale begins today, August 21st, and is active through September 9th, and this sale is in-store and online. You can even call our Toll Free number to get hooked up with these great deals: 1-800-551-MARY.

For starters, we have racks and racks of clothing on sale from 20% to 60% off on select sportswear, jeans, and polos! Need a new Western Headstall? 20% off! Need to replace your worn out paddock boots and half chaps? 15% off! Your horse DESTROYED your latest fly sheet and is now been added to your “Needs Repair” collection? Fly sheets are 25% off! All horse brushes and tack care, 10% off. Planning a getting a new western saddle? Would you like a free pad to go with it!?

There’s more, much more. From deep discounts to free gifts with select items, this isn’t a sale to miss. No, we’re not crazy, although we ARE pretty crazy about our horses. We just need more room to bring it all that lovely (wait for it)… Christmas merchandise! Too soon? Don’t worry, it’s not legitimate holiday stuff, just new saddles, and warmer clothes, and cute ornaments with little gingerbread cowboys on them.

Call us, email us, or visit us for more information on these fantastic summer savings. Unless it’s after hours, we’ll probably be at the barn by then, but we will contact you as soon as we’re back to work.

ALL Adeptus products are 20% off!

ALL Adeptus products are 20% off!

FREE Hoof Health Seminar, September 4th 3pm-5pm

Photo courtesy of Dr. Silverman's website:

Photo courtesy of Dr. Silverman’s website:

Mary’s Tack and Feed will be hosting a free Hoof Seminar with Dr. Mark Silverman DVM MS from Sporthorse Veterinary Services in San Marcos. For those of you who attended our previous seminar, Dr. Silverman will be a familiar face, as he had explained laser therapy for therapeutic use and tissue repair in horses. He even showed us his state-of-the-art portable, laser machine!


For our upcoming Hoof Seminar, Dr. Mark Silverman will be discussing hoof function in relation to soundness in performance horses. How cool is that?! We’re confident that everyone will benefit from attending this seminar, horse owners, riders, trainers, barn managers, even grooms! Be sure not to miss this informative free event and mark your calendars for Thursday, September 4th. We’ll meet you in the Mary’s Arena at the Del Mar location at 3pm. RSVP to reserve a spot! 858-755-2015.

Dr. Mark Silverman from Mary's Horse Health Seminar - July 23rd, 2014

Dr. Mark Silverman from Mary’s Horse Health Seminar – July 23rd, 2014

The Pack N Go Dog Park Backpack

The Pack N Go Dog Park Backpack is the next hit with all the cool dog moms, and we’re a little bit in love as well! Mighty dog products donned this pack the ultimate accessory with sturdy, durable canvas and well designed versatility.

This pack isn’t your average backpack, there’s a zip away fanny pack for a short trip or outing and a detachable water bladder for long walks and hikes! Multiple pockets give this spacious bag great organization.

Two bowls zip right from a pouch so you can water and feed Fido on the go. A “poop” pocket gives you easy access to doggie bags without having to dig around! (Poo bags not included.) The removable easy-hook carabiner gives you a place to hook up the leash to free your hands.

Now on to the shoulder strap: lots of padding for comfort and a really cool detachable pocket for treats or a cell phone. This bag has lots of room in the main compartment for Frisbees, tennis balls, you name it!

We gave this bag an A+ for the crazy amount of features and accessibility. If we love it, we know you will too! Check it out in store or on-line.

Mighty Pack N Go Dog Park Back Pack

Mighty Pack N Go Dog Park Back Pack


Mary’s NEW Horse Show Booth

The word is out! If you haven’t noticed yet, we have been bringing Mary’s straight to the horse shows at the Del Mar Horse Park. Although our store is a short walk from the Horse Park, now you can grab just the necessities if you find out something was left at the barn (YIKES!) or to get a nice gift for the little ones who won their first blue ribbon.

To every show, we usually bring a few of our favorite show staples: cool shirts, sun hats, helmet visors, saddle pads, horse cookies, doggy poop bags (it happens!), and several samples of our show apparel and tack, along with show essentials (spurs, gloves, hairnets, earplugs, etc.) and new products.

We also try to tag a vendor along with us, so any questions regarding certain products can be answered straight from the source. Even if you don’t need something, our

Ralphie loves hanging out and cooling off at the Mary's booth!

Ralphie loves hanging out and cooling off at the Mary’s booth!

tent provides a nice place to get out the sun and chat with some friends before your next class.


Stop by, even its it’s just to say hi!



FREE Horse Health Seminar, July 23rd 4pm-6pm

Mary’s will be hosting a FREE Horse Health Seminar on Wednesday, July 23rd from 4pm to 6pm.

For today’s sport horse, health is one of the most important factors when he is expected to perform at his prime. As a top athlete, it is up to his caretakers to provide him with the attention to detail and knowledge that will prevent and recognize any injuries or illness the horse may (or probably will) encounter.

 We welcome three highly trained guest speakers that will discuss and share their experience and training with us. Dr. Philippe Benoit, former French Olympic Team Vet and one of the top international horse show veterinarians in the world, will be approaching the topic of solving sore back issues in sport horses.

 Dr. Mark Silverman, of Sporthorse Veterinary Services, is a 3 day Team Vet Consultant and will be discussing Laser Therapy in equine practice. Laser therapy is a scientifically proven procedure and provides pain relief, a reduction in inflammation and accelerated healing.

 Dr. Richard Markell is an FEI International Veterinarian since 1990 and consultant to members of the American, Canadian, Argentine, Japanese, French and Mexican Olympic Teams as a private treating veterinarian. With many years of experience treating horses at international shows, he will be sharing his new thinking for old problems and how sports medicine has changed.

 This is a free seminar you don’t want to miss, whether you have just started riding or have trained top of line sport horses for years. We encourage all ages to attend. Please do RSVP to reserve your spot! 858-755-2015.

Grand Prix Hunt Coat Fitting Night March 19

Since Grand Prix hunt coats have so many variations, Mary’s is hosting a “Wine and Cheese, Hunt Coats Please” VIP evening March 19 from 6-8pm. Krista, from Grand Prix, is flying in from the East coast, and will provide expert fitting assistance, plus swatches and examples of custom piping and collars.

“We have a good stock of tech fabric Grand Prix hunt coats,” said Mary’s English Apparel buyer Robin Wicker. “But many times our customers want that extra customization such as a different base color of coat (like hunter green, brown, French blue or grey) with contrasting microsuede collars and piping. This event will enable them to order exactly what they want to have their own individual look in the show ring.”

Several styles, including the Riley, Quinn and Tech Lite, will be available to try on and customize. AND, for every GP custom hunt coat purchased, the customer will receive a Mary’s Gift Card equivalent to 15% of the purchase price. The gift card can be used on other items within Mary’s.

“Wine and Cheese and Hunt Coats Please “ is free, but you must RSVP. The event is March 19, Wednesday evening from 6-8pm. Mary’s Sales associates will also be in attendance to answer any questions you may have about not only hunt coats, but anything else within Mary’s that interests you.

RSVP to 858-755-2015.

Refurbishing and Adding to Mary’s Pet Boutique!


Refurbishing and Adding to Mary's Pet Boutique!

We’ve been working and redesigning our Pet Boutique at Mary’s Tack and Feed! In addition to our new look, you’ll find quality pet food brands like: NutriSource, Pure Vita, Honest Kitchen, Merrick, Earthborn, Tiki Cat & Tiki Dog, Canidae, Taste of the Wild, Precise Cat Food, Orijen, Acana, Eagle Pack, Grandma Lucy’s, Wellness, Hund N Flocken. Whew!

We also have fun leashes, collars, dog toys (check out the Christmas hedgehog), bowls, and even funny signs and pillows that show you are a pet lover! If you haven’t been to Mary’s recently, c’mon over to our Del Mar superstore and check out our pet section. Remember, we have big bags of dog food in the back, and our employees would be happy (really) to load it in the car for you. Easy parking, easy in and out, great prices, great selection. Mary’s Tack and Feed, 3675 Via De La Valle, Del Mar, 858-755-2015. Mary’s is open Monday through Friday 9am – 6pm, and Saturday and Sunday 10am – 5pm.