Grand Prix Hunt Coat Fitting Night March 19

Since Grand Prix hunt coats have so many variations, Mary’s is hosting a “Wine and Cheese, Hunt Coats Please” VIP evening March 19 from 6-8pm. Krista, from Grand Prix, is flying in from the East coast, and will provide expert fitting assistance, plus swatches and examples of custom piping and collars.

“We have a good stock of tech fabric Grand Prix hunt coats,” said Mary’s English Apparel buyer Robin Wicker. “But many times our customers want that extra customization such as a different base color of coat (like hunter green, brown, French blue or grey) with contrasting microsuede collars and piping. This event will enable them to order exactly what they want to have their own individual look in the show ring.”

Several styles, including the Riley, Quinn and Tech Lite, will be available to try on and customize. AND, for every GP custom hunt coat purchased, the customer will receive a Mary’s Gift Card equivalent to 15% of the purchase price. The gift card can be used on other items within Mary’s.

“Wine and Cheese and Hunt Coats Please “ is free, but you must RSVP. The event is March 19, Wednesday evening from 6-8pm. Mary’s Sales associates will also be in attendance to answer any questions you may have about not only hunt coats, but anything else within Mary’s that interests you.

RSVP to 858-755-2015.

Refurbishing and Adding to Mary’s Pet Boutique!


Refurbishing and Adding to Mary's Pet Boutique!

We’ve been working and redesigning our Pet Boutique at Mary’s Tack and Feed! In addition to our new look, you’ll find quality pet food brands like: NutriSource, Pure Vita, Honest Kitchen, Merrick, Earthborn, Tiki Cat & Tiki Dog, Canidae, Taste of the Wild, Precise Cat Food, Orijen, Acana, Eagle Pack, Grandma Lucy’s, Wellness, Hund N Flocken. Whew!

We also have fun leashes, collars, dog toys (check out the Christmas hedgehog), bowls, and even funny signs and pillows that show you are a pet lover! If you haven’t been to Mary’s recently, c’mon over to our Del Mar superstore and check out our pet section. Remember, we have big bags of dog food in the back, and our employees would be happy (really) to load it in the car for you. Easy parking, easy in and out, great prices, great selection. Mary’s Tack and Feed, 3675 Via De La Valle, Del Mar, 858-755-2015. Mary’s is open Monday through Friday 9am – 6pm, and Saturday and Sunday 10am – 5pm.

NutriSource and Pure Vita Dog Food Now at Mary’s!

“We’ve had a number of customers come in asking if we carried Pure Vita and NutriSource dog foods – so we now carry them both!  Great for dogs of all sizes at any stage of life, these USA made, premium dog foods offer additional benefits to dogs with sensitive stomachs, allergies and special dietary needs!”

nutrisource purevita

NutriSource dog food now at Mary’s

NutriSource and Pure Vita pet foods are made in the USA by a family owned business called Tuffy’s. Their manufacturing plant is in Minnesota, producing ONLY pet food. They have an onsite fully equipped, wet chemistry lab that constantly monitors and tests products to insure correct formulation, appearance and digestibility (wow!). This includes testing the high quality, fresh, raw ingredients as they arrive at the plant to ensure they meet specs for protein, quality, and moisture.

NutriSource Grain Free Dry Dog foods are available in Bison, Chicken, Lamb and Salmon dry foods.  Real meat is the number one ingredient.  Easily digestible, these foods are packed with premium nutrition and include digestive enzymes.  Great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs or other digestive issues.  Canned foods also available in three tasty varieties.  Balanced nutrition makes NutriSource Dog foods suitable for all dogs at any stage of their lives.

fun dog signs

Some fun dog signs we carry in our pet boutique!

Pure Vita Grain Free Dry Dog foods offer single source protein of turkey, bison or chicken mixed with sweet potatoes, peas, blueberries and other nutritious ingredients. While all dogs LOVE this line, it is especially good to try for those dogs with allergies or other conditions that require the protein in their diet be of only one type. Pure Vita also has digestive enzymes. Three flavors of canned foods are also available at Mary’s.

Note:  We have five lb bags listed online but larger bags are available at Mary’s Del Mar.

Mary’s loves dogs!

Since 1963, Mary’s Tack and Feed has grown to become a one-stop shop for everything equestrian. Did you also know Mary’s has a large selection of premium, well-priced dog food as well?

Here’s a quick run down of our more popular selections…

Merrick Grain Free Dog Foods – Dogs thrive on quality protein and healthy fats in the Merrick Grain Free line up of dog foods. They offer a natural grain dog formula that is great for all life stages and all breeds of canine friends, with a focus on naturally nutrient rich ingredients to support overall health. The first ingredient is always meat helping to comprise the 70% of meat and fish sourced ingredients that build and maintain a lean healthy pet. Made in the USA.

Orijen and Acana – Comprised of 80% meat the Orijen and Acana foods supply a richly nourishing diet to promote, build, and maintain healthy lean muscle mass. An award winning low carb, low glycemic formula helps stimulate normal blood sugar levels and peak performance in all breeds of dog and all lifestyles. Prepared in Alberta,  Canada these food are guaranteed to keep your canine friends happy, healthy, strong.

Canidae – Formulated with four meat sources, essential vitamins, amino acids, and chelated minerals,  Canidae is a naturally high quality holistic per food. Wholesome brown rice and a diversified carbohydrate palate eliminate the needs for filler grains such as corn, wheat, soy, and grain fractions.

Taste of the Wild – The Taste of the Wild line is made with real roasted meat sources, supplemented with fruits and vegetables, to provide a well

One Happy Dog

One Happy Dog

rounded grain-free dog food. A superior taste sensations, highly digestible energy, and naturally available antioxidants, that your pets will crave support a healthy immune system and overall health.

When you stop in at Mary’s Del Mar, you can talk with one of our knowledgeable, pet loving associates. Remember, we have the large bags of dog food stored in back, so just let the cashier know what you’d like, and we’ll bring it out to your car and load it for you with a smile!

More Mother’s Day Ideas!

A couple of days away, Mother’s Day is a pretty special day for the family. Here are a few fun gifts that can help represent how much the mom in your life means to you.

Horse Whispers Kisses Horse Figurine 

She will love the quiet beauty & strength depicted in “Kisses” figurine by Horse Whispers. A bit of a retro throw back to her childhood days spent caressing the velvety noses of horses.  Or a reminder of that trusty steed

Horse Whispers Figurine Mary's Tack & Feed

Horse Whispers Figurine

who was so careful with her young family, “Kisses” is a memorable way to share those special feelings of horses, mother and family.

Sabona Horseshoe & Crystals Bracelet

Dramatic black Horseshoe Bracelet from Sabona with clear cubic zirconium crystals inside stainless steel links. Timeless equestrian design of this Horseshoe Bracelet has the added benefit of being a magnetic sports bracelet as well!

Laurel Burch Wild Stallions Tote 

Who do you ask when you need a band aid, tissue, hand wipe, or anything else on you daily sojourns? That’s right, mom. So give mom a new tote, and remind mom of her “wild herd” with this Laurel Burch Wild Stallions

Laurel Burch Mary's Tack and Feed Gifts

Laurel Burch Wild Stallions Tote

tote!  Gorgeous rich colors on a cotton canvas medium tote bag with a roomy interior, zipper pockets & exterior pockets for all those “mom” things!

Four Great Ideas for Mother’s Day!

Our English Apparel and Sportswear Buyer put together a few ideas for this upcoming Mother’s Day…

No one argues that helmets are always indispensable protection for the head,

Charles Owen SP8 Riding Helmet

The SP8 features industry leading safety standards, and a slightly wider brim for sun protection.

but the Charles Owen SP8 Helmet has not only high quality Charles Owen design and safety, it also offers cool ventilation and a wider brim for extra sun protection. 

Joules has never failed to deliver fun sportswear each season, and this year the Joules Cheeky Sleeveless Polo Shirt is no exception. Pairs perfectly with jean shorts and flp flops for casual days, but of course also tucks nicely into breeches for a polished summertime schooling outfit.

Hot days need the Essex Talent Yarn Short Sleeve Shirt! Made from a truly revolutionary fabric called IceFil, it can actually lower the body’s temperature by as much as 5 degrees! The more you move, the cooler it feels. Collar folds down for a casual look and splash of summertime color.

Romfh has been a staple at Mary’s for years, and now with Laura Romfh working with manufacturer English Riding Supply, we can see some truly original products coming out for our customers. A big hit is the Romfh Sarafina Euroseat Breech, literally taking the horse world by storm. Lightweight, super stretchy and amazingly comfortable. Support in all the right places has customers raving about how cool and easy wear they are.

Romfh Sarafina Breech

Romfh Sarafina Breech

Shopping for mom is always fun – and there are LOTS of great ideas for Mother’s Day at Mary’s. We’ll post a few more on Monday. Happy riding!

Mary’s Tack and Feed