NutriSource and Pure Vita Dog Food Now at Mary’s!

“We’ve had a number of customers come in asking if we carried Pure Vita and NutriSource dog foods – so we now carry them both!  Great for dogs of all sizes at any stage of life, these USA made, premium dog foods offer additional benefits to dogs with sensitive stomachs, allergies and special dietary needs!”

nutrisource purevita

NutriSource dog food now at Mary’s

NutriSource and Pure Vita pet foods are made in the USA by a family owned business called Tuffy’s. Their manufacturing plant is in Minnesota, producing ONLY pet food. They have an onsite fully equipped, wet chemistry lab that constantly monitors and tests products to insure correct formulation, appearance and digestibility (wow!). This includes testing the high quality, fresh, raw ingredients as they arrive at the plant to ensure they meet specs for protein, quality, and moisture.

NutriSource Grain Free Dry Dog foods are available in Bison, Chicken, Lamb and Salmon dry foods.  Real meat is the number one ingredient.  Easily digestible, these foods are packed with premium nutrition and include digestive enzymes.  Great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs or other digestive issues.  Canned foods also available in three tasty varieties.  Balanced nutrition makes NutriSource Dog foods suitable for all dogs at any stage of their lives.

fun dog signs

Some fun dog signs we carry in our pet boutique!

Pure Vita Grain Free Dry Dog foods offer single source protein of turkey, bison or chicken mixed with sweet potatoes, peas, blueberries and other nutritious ingredients. While all dogs LOVE this line, it is especially good to try for those dogs with allergies or other conditions that require the protein in their diet be of only one type. Pure Vita also has digestive enzymes. Three flavors of canned foods are also available at Mary’s.

Note:  We have five lb bags listed online but larger bags are available at Mary’s Del Mar.

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