GumBits – End the Training Grind!



Now available at Mary’s Tack and Feed, GumBits are a revolutionary way to help horses in intense training or competition. These all natural chewing aids resemble small gum balls that are made of FDA approved ingredients and are show safe. GumBits promote the salivation process and help eliminate teeth grinding which can occur in high performance sport horses.

Horses love the sweet taste and the GumBits help the horse chew and relax their jaw which can result in an overall relaxed horse. Many trainers of young horses love the product as well as International and Olympic veterans.

Sponsored riders include US Olympian Steffen Peters, Canadian Olympian David Marcus, US Pan Am Gold Team Medalist Susie Dutta, Australian Olympic Long Listed Nicholas Fyffe, Three Star Level Eventer Matt Brown, German WEG Bronze Medalist Christoph Koschel, Western Dressage Champion Lynn Palm, New Zealand High Performance Coach Jeremy Steinberg and New Zealand Eventer Champion and FEI Competitor Britta Anna Pedersen.

Find this marvelous product online at or call today 858-755-2015.

Free Shipping & New Spring Apparel

Asmar Featherlight Linen Tee

Asmar Featherlight Linen Tee

Mary’s Tack and Feed is currently offering FREE continental ground shipping on all orders of $99 or more until April 20th. Promotion does not apply to oversize or overweight items, see website for details.

Spring is finally here and we’re kicking off the beginning of the season with all the latest and greatest Spring line of clothing from all your favorite brands.

Kerrits Ice Fil Printed Tank

Kerrits Ice Fil Printed Tank.

The Asmar Feather-Light Linen Tops are airy, breathable linen tees that make transitioning from the barn to the city a breeze. These flowing tops have a fitted quarter length sleeve for a chic transition style and features a scoop neckline and an elongated asymmetrical back hem.

The Kerrit’s Ice Fil mesh Tank is light weight and perfect in high-heat conditions. This fun printed tank is as flattering as it is functional, and simply styled with light stretch, Ice Fil fabric that keeps skin feeling dry and cool.

Joules Raina Waterproof Parka

Joules Raina Waterproof Parka

For much of the country, April showers bring May flowers, so check out the NEW Joules Raina Waterproof Rain Coat. The Raina is a longer length parka-style rain coat that is PU coated and has taped seams to make it 100% waterproof. A drawstring hood and button cuffs keep the drafts out while an inner drawstring designed to pull in the waist gives the coat a flattering shape. The perfect touch to brighten up any rainy day!

Find these wonderful pieces and more at

Why Mary’s Customers Love Papa Psuka!

PapaPsukaTreatsIf you have been to Mary’s Tack and Feed or shopped on the Mary’s website in the past year or so, you’ve probably noticed these containers full of dog and cat treats with a yellow label and a funny name. Yup, it is the Papa Psuka pet treats! Our customers (and their dogs and cats) LOVE these healthy, baked, all natural treats. You’ll even find a big 32 oz jar stashed under the registers for any cute doggies to sample that visit Mary’s with their shopping owners.

Here’s the scoop on these yummy delicacies for canines and felines alike. All of Koda Pet products are made here in the state of California. These treats are 100% natural with no artificial ingredients and made from only 4 USA sourced meat ingredients: Beef Lung, Beef Liver, Beef Broth, Turkey Liver. They are made WITHOUT: grain, corn, wheat, soy, and are gluten-free. Because they are baked, the treats come with a satisfying crunch, but can still be easily broken up for little mouths.

Papa Psuka treats come in plenty of sizes of reseal-able packages for any size dog or home, 3oz, 6oz, 12oz, and 32oz jars, and they are an absolute GREAT price! The largest 32oz jar is only $21.99 and can last 1 dog quite a while!

While the customer favorite is certainly the Papa Psuka treats, honorable mention goes out to the other great flavors from Koda Pet. The Papa Tatanka treats are similar to the Papa Psuka, but are made of only 100% bison. Papa Icahi Bison treats are made of only bison and whole wild caught salmon. Papa Icahi Chicken treats are made of chicken, whole wild caught salmon, and beef organs. Casakala are “julienne cut” treats made of only Organic beef organs, low fat beef broth, vegetables in season (including carrots, beans, russet potatoes, peas, squash), molasses, eggs. Waksa treats are the same as the Casakala, but are cut in slices.

Pick up a 3oz size to try out or stock up on a full size jar either in store or online at You can also call to order at 1-800-551-MARY(6279). Your dog or cat will be thrilled!

Cool Shirts at Mary’s Tack and Feed

Kastel Denmark Charlotte Collection - Peach and White

Kastel Denmark Charlotte Collection – Peach and White

Have you noticed more and more of your barn friends schooling and working in lovely, bright and lightweight cool tech shirts? These shirts are earning some well-deserved praise! Many of our customers own at least 1 (and some have many more), and here’s why:

For starters, they are super cute! Cool shirts come in EVERY color under the sun, every color to coordinate with your horse’s outfit or any color to suit your mood. Generally the fit is quite flattering, long and tapered at the waist.

Secondly, they are designed with unique fabric that wicks away and dries moisture and cools the skin. So when you’re working hard in the saddle and sweating like a pig, you’ll feel like a princess: cool and dry. They also have mesh panels on the inner sleeve to contribute to that cool, breezy feel. If you do drench your shirts in the heat of the day, cool shirts are made of odor reducing Antibacterial/Antimicrobial fabric.

Thirdly, and certainly most important, the fabric also has a decent amount of UPF (similar to SPF) woven into the shirts. The Kastel Denmark shirts have 30 UPF and the EIS shirts have 50 UPF. No matter how much we dislike slathering sunscreen on our skin, it is very necessary to reduce the amount of sun your skin absorbs, and any shirt with SPF/UPF will definitely help protect your skin (and DNA) from harmful UV rays. Equestrians spend a good time more than the average Jane or Joe in the sun, except perhaps for beach bunnies! Think about your skin, it will thank you later with graceful aging.

Kastel Denmark Charlotte Collection - Red and Navy

Kastel Denmark Charlotte Collection – Red and Navy

Our favorite brands for these shirts are definitely Kastel and EIS, but there are many other brands that make Sun or Cool Shirts such as Ariat, Tailored Sportsman, and more. Every brand will be a little different in their design, but they pretty much all have the same features. The care of these shirts is super easy, just wash in a front loading washing machine in cold water and lay flat to dry (they dry really quick)!

You can get these great shirts right here at your favorite tack store, Mary’s Tack and Feed! Find them online at or call Toll Free 1-800-551-6279.