Laurel Burch Designs- the perfect gift!

The enthusiastic response we get each time a new Laurel Burch creation arrives at the store always validates the appeal of this iconic artist! Instantly recognizable by her whimsical creatures, Laurel Burch equestrian gift items are favorites with both the customers and staff at Mary’s Tack and Feed.

Wild Horses of Fire is one of the newer additions to the Laurel Burch gallery of equine totes & scarves. The impressive stature & greatness of the horse, depicted in bold colors with flowing manes and amazing forelocks, is sure to impress the new customer and the avid collector alike. Everyone loves the jewel toned overnight travel bag for quick trips and it’s perfect for a horse show with its set of inside & outside pockets and water-resistant interior.

For Wild Stallions, Ms. Burch must have imagined a band of bachelor stallions, each waiting for the opportunity to break out on his own after capturing the fancy of a mare! This scoop tote makes a great shopping bag as the “scoop” fits comfortably under your arm, freeing your hands to hunt for the key-buy of the day.

And you simply have to take a look at the new Heart Embracing Horses, definitely Marys’  employees’ favorite design . It must be the time of year because the earthy browns & rust with a touch of olive green & plum blends in beautifully with the new autumn leaves alongside our bridle paths. Embellished on front with a twist of gold cord, pyramid studs and beads, this is a Laurel Burch bag to put on your personal wish list!

Laurel Burch fans are devoted & passionate.  Several years ago, while growing our new, we proudly placed Rainbow Horses in the gift pages and quickly realized how popular her designs are- almost immediately a new customer found us and commented on the beauty of the new Laurel Burch bag!  Mary’s admires her as artist and designer and proudly stocks Laurel Burch designs.

Mary’s Tack & Feed proudly features Laurel Burch items, including a line of note cards, scarves, luggage tags and more.  Whether you’re new to her work or have been enjoying her collection for years, you’ll love the selection at Mary’s!

Questions or comments?  Need some gift-picking tips?  No matter what it is, Mary’s is ready to help you out.  Our savvy buyers love doling out advice on their very favorite topics, so leave us a note in the comments or give us a call at 1.800.551.6279.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

Fashion Forward Equestrian Style for Fall

According to the world wide web and the masters of the fashion universe that set the seasonal trends we all seem to drool over, this year’s official fall color is Oxblood. A gorgeous hue that can range from rusty red to a deep dark burgundy,  Oxblood looks great on most complexions and can be coordinated with a wide variety of colors and is easily worked into an autumn wardrobe as a fantastic accent color (think scarves, nail polish, shoes, jewelry…).

But how does that affect the equestrian world (aside from bringing back nostalgic memories of my beloved rust breeches, of course)? Well, this season we’ve gotten in racks full of fantastic fall finds that will go great with this season’s “it” color.

Here are just a few examples!

The Kerrits Storm Shelter Barn Jacket

This awesome jacket is loaded with features that will make you hope for inclement weather just so you can show it off at the barn. Whether your winters are bitter cold, fairly mild, or filled with the sort of days that change from one moment to the next, this jacket handles anything Mother Nature throws its way and keeps you looking good all the while! Made from Hydrotek™, a waterproof breathable fabric, this jacket is lightweight enough to be worn on its own on milder days and can easily accommodate thick layers to bundle up for the cold. Big cargo pockets offer storage and, best of all, the gorgeous plaid works so well with the warm fall tones.

Try pairing this coat up with the Kerrit’s Heathered Half Zip Fleece in Ember or add a warmer mid layer with the Oh So Luxe (I call it the Oh Em Gee It’s So Soft Jacket!), also from Kerrits.

The Ariat Hadley Plaid Vest

Ok so we realize the model in this picture is not wearing Oxblood, but Cobalt blue is also a top color for this fall and it just goes to prove how
versatile these garments are with a huge range of colors! The plaid is just bold enough to make the sort of statement I want in an outerwear piece and can easily be brought back to earth with deeper, darker colors for those who want a more conservative look. Plus, with a removable faux fur trimmed hood and lovely toggle closures, this vest has become an instant staff favorite.

Looking for something comfy and sporty? Try the versatile Sherpa Fleece Hoodie by Horseware Ireland.

This easy, mid-weight sweatshirt is soft and comfortable. In 100% cotton with a Sherpa fleece lining inside the hood, it’s a great “go to” piece for those casual days. Pop on a puffy vest – like this chocolate brown one with leopard collar – and you’re ready to step outside in a cozy, comfy outfit.

So while Oxblood floods mainstream retail, know that Mary’s Tack and Feed has got you covered with plenty of awesome choices that will work beautifully with whatever fashion (and of course weather) the season has in store.

Happy Shopping!

What’s your must-have color for fall?  Do you have a favorite piece that has you chomping at the bit for colder weather this year?

Questions or comments?  Need some fit tips?  No matter what it is, Mary’s is ready to help you out.  Our savvy buyers love doling out advice on their very favorite topics, so leave us a note in the comments or give us a call at 1.800.551.6279.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

Effol Oil vs. Effol Ointment: A Product Comparison

We know how it is.  No matter what your horse needs, there seem to be a hundred really good options and maybe a few not-so-good options.  With all the choices out there, how’s a person ever supposed to pick the best product for their horse?

Well never fear, friends.  Mary’s Tack and Feed does the work for you so you can get on with what’s really important- spending time in the saddle!  So without further ado, let’s chat topical hoof care, shall we?

One of our favorite hoof products is a line from Germany called Effol, available both as an oil and as an ointment .

Effol Hoof Oil is best for soft hooves, increasing the elasticity of the hoof wall to protect from (further) damage. It is also beneficial for dry and hard hooves, especially before shoeing.

Effol Hoof Ointment, on the other hand, is best for brittle hooves that tend to chip. It is a different texture, more of a balm consistency, which helps protect the hoof from wet environments. It also has a disinfecting ingredient to help keep the hoof healthy.

Many people in our Southern California area choose the ointment version over the oil during horse shows because it gives a more natural shiny appearance while repelling dust as compared to an oil hoof polish.

Both the Effol Hoof Oil and Effol Hoof Ointment are superior products, providing benefits to horses in different conditions and with different needs.

If you’ve got more questions or need some tips, we’re always happy to help.  Just leave a comment here or give us a call at 1.800.551.6279 .  Happy shopping!