Trouble Shooting Blanket Fitting

It’s that time of year for warm horse clothing!  Each day, loving horse owners are challenged by a horse that just doesn’t want to fit into the typical horse blanket.  That’s why here at Mary’s Tack & Feed we strive to carry not only the best fitting blankets & sheets but we look for blankets that will help us fit those horses who aren’t “cookie cutter” blanket types. 

A hands down favorite with our customers is the Turtle Neck Ice Turtle Extreme Turnout.  With a flexible elastic neckline this blanket fits well in the front.  Especially given that other blankets can sometimes pull too tightly at the neck for some horses (thicker neck, shorter neck).  For the slender necked horse this blanket works nicely because it stays close & warm when typical neck openings hang wide open allowing chilly wind or rain through.  

Too often blankets stop at size 84” and for larger sizescustomers must go the custom route which means more money & waiting for the blanket to be made.  The Pyrois Blanket currently in stock starts at 81” and goes up to 90”!  Even more enticing, the Pyrois is a mid neck blanket and has a nice long drop so your big guy or gal will be covered! 

Our very own Terminator Blankets come in two cuts: Euro Cut and Taper Cut.  Terminator Euro Cut has a fuller, boxy cut, a shoulder gusset and a longer drop that fits the bigger bodied, taller horse.  Terminator Euro Cut has a neck opening that is further up the withers for more coverage.  Terminator Taper Cut is exactly that: tapered at the hip.  Taper Cut is shorter in the drop which is better for the average to shorter horse.  With a neck opening set slightly back at the withers this blanket is back off the mane more than the Euro cut: good for manes that must look good at the shows!

Is fit not as much of an issue as the horse who just gets too warm with a blanket?  The no-fill rain sheet is the way to go & we love the Pessoa Alpine Turnout sheet!  Not only is the Alpine Sheet no-fill but it has a mesh lining for added ventilation, gussets at the shoulders for freedom of movement and amazing hardware.  Still not sure?  How about a one year warranty against tearing for a 1200 Denier outer shell!   Fantastic!



Mary’s Tack & Feed

Celebrating Safety with Charles Owen

We all know how important helmet safety is but it seems like too often we take it for granted. Sometimes it seems too easy or too convenient to ride sans helmet. Maybe it’s just a short ride, maybe it’s too hot, or maybe we just never wore one to begin with. But the reality is we only have one head, one brain (which pretty much runs the show) coupled with a stark, recent reminder that even riders in the upper echelon of talent and ability can become a victim of a seemingly innocent fall, this reality has jolted us all out of the naïvety and carelessness that causes us to leave the helmet in the tack trunk rather than on our heads as we swing up into the saddle.

I promise, this is a positive post.

On Friday December 23rd Mary’s is proud to honor one of leaders in safety, Charles Owen as they celebrate their 100th year. Charles Owen has been an amazing partner with the equestrian community providing an unparalleled level of safety and protection for riders of all disciplines.  

Certified not only through the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) but through two very strict European safety standards (PAS and BS EN) as well which means Charles Owen helmets are tested to crash in a variety of different ways, areas and impact surfaces. To insure the utmost quality control, for each 1000 helmets manufactured by Charles Owen, one is tested as a spot check. If it doesn’t pass, the entire batch is destroyed.

So if you are looking for a new helmet, or you want to upgrade your helmet (helmets should be replaced every three years even if you have not encountered a fall) or you just want to be properly fitted or ask some questions, come on into Mary’s on Friday December 23rdfrom 11-4pm and you will have a chance to speak to our wonderful Charles Owen Rep, Diana!

We will have fun little prizes plus gifts with purchase and best of all, CAKE!

We look forward to seeing you, and we look forward to you riding safely.


English Apparel Buyer at Mary’s Tack and Feed


Woof Wear Collars

As a Mary’s buyer in our purchasing department, one of my favorite things to buy for Mary’s customers is dog collars. There are so many designs and trends that arise year after year, and I love to share with our customers the latest styles, plus the tried and true classics.

Sometimes one can not truly appreciate the real beauty of these collars until you hold them in your hand. That’s when you feel the quality of the leather, appreciate the fine stitching and chosen hardware or admire the beauty and designs. Often, after reviewing the dog collar pictures online, I am left shaking my fist at the sky exclaiming “Oh, if they only knew!”

So, from a true lover of dogs, cats and their collars, here are  my 3 favorite dog collar brands. I’ll try to emphasize their craftsmanship, value and why they have become Mary’s Tack and Feed’s favorites.

Woofwear Collars are truly unique. These are proudly made in the USA  by a team of employees with years of experience. The Woofwear collars are crafted from Italian leathers in over 25 different colors and boast a rainbow of Swarovski crystals options, making it fun and easy to customize your order. The Square Turquoise Collar has been a popular style at Mary’s for years. This year’s newest leather collars include Indigo Heart & Crystal Collar and the Concho & Turquoise Collar.  All of the Woofwear dog collars have stitched and finished edges and are assembled with sturdy hardware. As long as these collars are treated as a “Sunday’s Best,” they will last for years to come.

Pickles Collar

Paco Collars is another amazing company that hand crafts their collars here in the good old USA. Paco Collars are true examples that leather craftsmanship is not a lost art, cutting and creating their collars from scratch with functional and inspiring designs. Paco Collars are made of latigo leather and are designed to get better and more supple with age and use. My favorite designs include the Pickles in the brown leather with small and large flat, brass spots;  the Agnes in a tan leather with light green rhinestones and brass accents; and the Tonka Deluxe with studded overlay and really cool leather “dots.”

There is no better way to get more bark for your buck than with the Tory Leather Collars. These collars are made with the same Old World American craftsmanship, using environmentally friendly leather that Tory uses on their equine tack products. Tory offers real, quality leather collars, at an amazing price! You can keep it plain and simple with a Stitched Leather Collar or add a little bling with the popular Clincher Collar. I think the Padded Overlay Collar is beautiful collar that just can’t let its true colors shine in a picture. The soft, milled leather padding is folded over and overlaid with contrasting dark brown English bridle leather, giving a classy, traditional, timeless look… at an unbelievable price!

Suede Bone & Crystal Collar

Have your dog be the class of the neighborhood with any one of these collars. Happy Howl-idays!